The Psychiatrist conquered


Psychiatrist's Rule number three, never disagree, aggravate or annoy the patient. If this happens, they may feel violated or picked-on. This makes them close of and makes it harder to gain their trust, they could even turn ugly.

But this was wasting time, so I felt like I had to say something.

"Violet, has this got anything to the situation we find ourselves currently in?" I asked.

Violet looked at me like I was stupid, "This has everything to do with it. I just need to start at the beginning for you to understand."

"Of course, I understand-"

She shot me a look to hatred over her clutched knees, "No, you don't. We wouldn't be here if that was true."

I nodded, shifting slightly in my seat. "Maybe I don't understand. But what you did was serious, and we need to get to the bottom of this as soon as we possibly can. Now I noticed you said you were being ‘suffocated' by your parent's attention to you. Do you believe-?"

"'That I did what I did out of madness caused by stress. Nope, I'm not stressed. My parents may put pressure on me sometimes, but I don't take what they say seriously. Anyway, as long as I continue getting my good grades they relax about the whole ‘Wit-is-the-lowest-form-of-Humour thing'."

"Well, you might say you're not stressed, but in your subconscious is it possible you have secret doubts? You mentioned your best friend, what about a boyfriend? Someone as pretty as you must have a boyfriend."

"I did, but I dumped him, he was too clingy." She did not seem affected by sharing this information, and seemed more preoccupied with a stain on her skinny jeans.

"Well, do you miss him? A loss of love could add strain to the brain and that-"

"Forget it, Doc. I never loved him. He was sweet, but I could never love him. Anyway, there was a bit of a problem..."

Psychiatrist rule number four, always make it sound like your interested, so they are touched by your concern, but ever pressurise them into telling you information, which makes them feel cornered. Yet it felt like she was more in control of the situation than I was. The psychiatrist conquered by the student. That was a new one.

"Would you like to explain that further?" I asked, sounding casual, but thinking this was vital in the why she did it.

She smiled, and said "Patience..."


The End

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