"Was?" I stated. This was brilliant, I thought I was on to something!

Violet glared at me like I was the one that was mad. She then stood up, her hair on end, her eyes flashing. She surled her slender hands into fists and clenaced her teeth.

"Have you not READ the files! How dare you ask me about it. I can tell you one thing, if i am mad it's all your fault! No wonder I'm mad, with people like you running this country! How can you even ask have you got no feelings."

Psychiatrists  rule number 7. When a patient gets mad, try to calm them down.

"Listen, I'm sorry..."

"Oh ho ho! I bet your sorry. I know I am. Sorry I came to see it stupid sniviling money-grabbing lech like you..."

Psychiatrist rule number 8. When patient will not calm down...Panic.

And then I remember. Delihla 'Dally' Mayfair...

...the girl that was murdered.

The End

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