four months earlier

"Hey, beautiful"

Luke's hands wrapped themselves like a python around my waist and his lips started kissing my curls. I would usually love the attention, but not when I have my the crabbiest teacher, Mrs Dunber, staring at me like I was a bug that had just crawled onto her mud-brown cardigan. "Stare away, dumbo" I think to myself. Yet I still feel uncomfortable.

"Luke, do you think you could let go a little, you're crushing my ribcage"

Luke released his grip on my waist to grab my backpack, sling it round his shoulders and put an arm around my shoulders. the perfect gentleman. So why did it bother me so much?

"How was double English?" he asked, but I knew he was not interested in my reply. I could see him eyeing up my bra strap underneath my school shirt. I smiled. Maybe not a perfect gentleman after all.

"Pretty dull, I swear I have that teacher eating out the palm of my hand."

I was going to ask him how Law had gone (he's taking A-Levels) when Dally came floating up to us. Her halo of brown hair was fluffier than ever, and her blue eyes were eyeing us with curiosity that she saved for when she was more active than dreaming. I had tohand it to Dolly-Day-Dream, she has relaxed about the whole bestfriend thing, now i spend just as much time with Luke as her now.

"Hey, Dally, you okay?"

She nodded so her hair bobbed. She focused her eyes on Luke, and than phased out as if there was something more interesting behind him. Then she moved to stand on my left, like the second-in-command of a pack of dogs would stand by their leader. I guess I never really appreciated Dally's friendship as much as I should have.

Yet something was strange. Dally never spoke much, so she was acting normal. She never tended to make eye contact, so that was normal. Yet...I don't know. Her whole body's aura was out of balance. I'm the most down t earth girl there is, so auras arn't really my thing. But something was wrong.

And, me, being the rubbish friend that I was, did not pry.

The End

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