A teenager's tale

Psychiatrists Rule number five, if and when they do talk, what they say can have a double meaning. What they say is usually very important to them, and can help the psychiatrist make a link between what is important to them, and the main problem.

But I had no idea what the girl was talking about. Yet I was intrigued to discover more. I had always thought of teenage girls as being silly, immature and giggly. In some cases moody, mean and wild. This was what I was usually faced with in my office.

Psychiatrist rule number six. You need to look at the big picture to be able to help. You should never get to involved in the problem, emotionally or just out of interest. This can blind you to the real problem, and if the problem gets worse, you may get hurt if you care about the person.

Luckily for me and my curiosity, it sounded like what she was saying was very much connected to the problem.

"But you did not love...um...Luke, was it? Right. Well, I still cannot link him to the crime."

Violet looked thoughtful, "You know, Doc, I haven't really talked to anyone recently. Properly, I mean. I'm actually enjoying this. I'm sorry; I know its boring to listen to a teenager's tale. But it's necessary.

"What was the council? You mentioned them." 

"The council was the representatives of each category of friends, a council for every year. The groups were ‘The Pops', the popular people, the Sports, the sporty people. The GFW's which stands for geeks, freaks and weirdos. Also the loud-mouths, for the really loud people. Anyway those are the main groups, but their can be new groups created, like Year 9 have a goth group and year 12 have an ‘art freak' group."

I made notes to look as if I was interested. I was mainly trying to get her to confide in me. "Fascinating" I said.    

"Anyway, each group had a represented leader. This person reports the groups main issues to the council. It was a way of communication. It's hard to keep track of everyone and this way everyone had a say in what was going on. The head of the years council, usually the leader of the loud-mouths but it can change, reports their years information to the rest of the schools leader. The year council meeting happened once a week. The school council meeting happened once a month."

"You say ‘happened'. Past tense"

"Yeah, its not around anymore."

"Why not? It sounds like a good idea"

She gave me a lopsided smile, "That's a different story. I might tell you later. Anyway, back to my story..."   

The End

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