Ink drops

Written in two parts. One looking at the past of the main character, a teenage girl, and, in the present, the point of view of her phyciatrist. The reason? Keep reeading!

I don't know the view of many phyciatrists, but, unlike the ones I know, I myself am not after the money. I have a friend who has admitted that he only does it for the money, preffering the rich clients who believe things like 'because their partner said they don't like their new handbag, their relationship is now at an end', people who seek comfort and pay people so they could be the centre of attention and have someone that listens to them.

No, I don't believe this is why I became a phyciatrist. I want to help people. Which is why when my colleague said I would be perfect for a task, all I could do was except the challenge. It was a strange case, alarming infact. One I would never forget.

A sixteen year old female, around five feet and four and a half inches, straggly would be a good description infact. A high I.Q, a promising youngster, if slightly immature, with a sarcastic wit I found surprising in one so young, especially one like her. With her blonde curls and rose-bud lips, when she was younger she could have easily won any girl beauty contest. But her stormy black eyes held knowledge, wisdom and experiece beyond her years. Her posture in which I met her was the strangest thing. Catlike, her legs pulled to her chest with a defensive look on her face. Her purple nailed hands cluching her bare feet, her purple pumps lying on the floor. Her back was curled, as if she was waiting for something to attack her, and she was poised to spring at any moment.

Knowing she would not relax quickly, I sat down and looked at her file.

"So Miss Renyolds-Streep, Yes?...Violet?...Charming name, yes, quite charming..."

She glared at me.

Now, Violet…may I call you Violet?...I suspect you know why you’re here.”

Never breaking eye contact, the girl nodded once, slowly.

"Yes, Excellent. Now, I just want to ask you a few questions to help discover how your mind works."

She smiled, revilling pointy yellow teeth that appeared darker due to her red lips. She tilted her head towards the sofa to her left, "Do I need to lie down on that?"

I smiled. Phyciatrist rule number one, make the patient feel welcome. Smiling makes them believe they are in a safe environment. "Not unless you want to," I replied.

The girl seemed to relax her back and she slumpled more into the chair.

"Now, to start with I'm going to show you some of these, and I want you to tell me what you see. Okay?"

I held up one of the cards. An ink dot test. Classic, but effective.

The girls eyes widened for a second, before she smiled and snorted, "A madness test?"

"Uhh, not a madness test exactly, just a way to see how your mind works"

She looked away, still smilling, "Doc, i'm not mad, whatever people tell you. And I'm certainly not stupid."

I nodded, "I know your not," Phyciatrist rule number two, never rise to the patients bait. Remain in control, "but humour me. What do you see?"

She squinted at the picture. Then her face twisted into shock, "No..."

"Yes," I said, "What do you see?"

She stared at the picture, "I see...I, I See..."


Her face became a figure of smugness, "I see an ink dot, What do you think I see?"

I sighed. This could be harder than I thought.

"Look, Doc, I don't know how much your getting paid for me, but i'm not mad. I don't need you and your 'Test's', Okay!"

She was not going to repond to tests, that was obvious. I would have to go straight to the source of the problem

"Maybe we should start at the beginning. What happened?"

She looked at me.



The End

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