Five men, armed with bolt action rifles and smooth, bullet resistant helmets, raced by, a sergeant on their heels.

“Schneller!” the sergeant shouted, her voice horribly butchering the language that was so obviously not her native tongue.

 He raced by them, cringing as bullets whizzed with a whistle by his head. He skidded to halt as he reached a rack of weaponry, snatching up the closest rifle. It was bolt action, but that was not surprising. He quickly inserted a magazine, hearing the satisfying click, and locking the bolt. He wasn’t even in uniform, nor was he wearing any helmet whatsoever. But, at that point, he hardly cared. She would protect him.

“We need to hide.” came her voice again, so soothing and comforting. “You’re not equipped to fight and there’s too much at stake here.”

“What? What’s at stake?” asked the boy, his voice grim and seemingly deeper than it should be for his age.

 After she didn’t answer, the boy glanced toward the front. Dark, grievous, shadowy devils stomp-marched toward the barricade of wood and sandbag and barbed wire as men and women shot back at them. For each daemon killed, two more took his place; they marched like one entity of diabolical power, firing in unison and staring onward, stone-faced, like golems. They wore masks, gasmasks with black eyes and glowing filters and body armour finely crafted to perfection. As men and women shouted and cried and bled, the stone-faced, blood-thirsty collective of daemons never spoke a word and never wavered. Behind them, silhouetted by the now brightening sky, massive structures of black, twisted metal made up machines of incomprehensible destructive power. They stood, taller than the tallest building, spitting fiery orbs of hell and death upon the people below. Black, shadowy, metal hawks swooped from above, firing the fiery rain of death down upon anything and everything. Amongst the approaching daemons, automatons stood like statues, their bodies powered by infernal engines, and spat flame and ruin upon the barricade, lighting it up in seconds.

“If we don’t move now, you, I, and everyone will be dead!” came her voice again, this time even more forceful.

The End

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