Riot DevilsMature

He called them daemons because of what they did, not because of what they were. He dreamt and recalled the riot-devils, the monsters from the darkest depths of hell, as they killed without remorse. But that had been a year before, when hell on earth had finally arrived, spitting up its minions, its evil, to destroy all that was good. A year before, when hell on earth had arrived, all seemed lost. A year before, so much was lost that most thought nothing remained, but “most” were what remained. And, most wouldn’t realize that until they were few and far between. But most didn’t want to give up and lose all hope and die in shame. Most wanted to give back hell on earth, to return to sender. But that was merely months ago, and now the boy’s thoughts were interrupted once again by a low rumble.

 At first, he thought perhaps an earthquake caused it. He certainly felt the bed he slept in shake subtly. But then it came again, periodically and with a pulse. It almost seemed like a slow-beating heart, fighting to keep pumping. Yes, that’s it, fighting. He jumped from bed, his feet hitting the cold ground with a quiet thump.

“What’s going on?” he whispered, his throat tight and dry.

 There was a pause before she spoke, and by then there had been several more thumps, this time closer between.

“Danger. We have to move.” came her voice, soft and gentle regardless of the circumstance.

“Where?” the boy asked, still staring out his window.

“Outside, we need a gun.”

 So he obeyed, she always knew what was best. With a moment’s pause of hesitation, the boy turned and ran through his dark room, now clearer as his eyes adjusted. Opening his door with the vocal protest of it’s hinges, the boy then raced down a corridor ending at a door with light flooding in through its one, small window. As he neared the window, a sudden burst of sound shocked him forward, causing him to fly off his feet and into said door. The corridor he had just ran down was in ruin now, fire burning and debris strewn about. His ears rang, his chest and head ached, and he got up in a daze.

“Get up! Run!” came her voice, clear and calm as always, but now more forceful.

 His ears ringing, balance failing, he pushed out through the door and into a battlefield.

The End

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