A short scene from INK book 1. Just like a little trailer. :)

Avrie noticed the second candle burning dimmer, where as the first one had gone out completely. “Would I be bothering you if I kept you awake with a few questions?” Avrie asked slowly. Floe gave a small chuckle.

“No.” she said into her pillow. “I can’t sleep with Hatter complaining, so, ask away.”

            “Okay well…why is everyone all amazed that I’m an outsider? I mean…you all have cool magic and powers and stuff and I’m…well just me. An ordinary human.”

            Floe turned her head to smile at her. “That’s how it may seem because you’re with other humans all the time.”

            “What do you mean?”

            Floe sat up and patted the bed next to her. “C’mere,” Avrie got up and sat down next to the fairy, “Now see, put your ear to my chest.”


            “Just do it.” Avrie cautiously leaned over and pressed her ear to Floe’s chest and was quiet.

            “What do you hear?” floe asked.

            “Um, nothing”


            Avrie sat back up with a puzzled expression. Flow smiled again.

            “Us creatures of Telenary; we don’t have hearts.”

            “What?” Avrie raised her eyebrows in surprise.

            “Yep” She nodded. “That’s what separates us from you humans. You have a beating life source. We don’t. Our lives are simply based on what our brains think we can handle. We die if our mind decides the pain or the wound is too much. Simple as that. But your heart can keep you alive. Even if your brain thinks you ought to be dead.”

            Avrie was stunned at this truth. “But…” she stammered; “If you don’t have a heart… how does your body pump blood?”

            “It doesn’t really flow like yours. It just sits there. Our bodies work a lot differently than yours. It takes us a longer time for our wounds to heal, but we don’t bleed very much.”

            Avrie stared at the dancing flame on the wick of the candle. Awed and and freaked out at what Floe had just told her. Everything she had learned about the heart in health, science, about how the body couldn’t live without it, how it was the second most important organ in your body. All the laws of science and anatomy, was just proven wrong. She placed her palm to her own chest to feel her heartbeat. It had never been so comforting to her. But now she was terrified to think of herself with no heart….Just emptiness.

            “Okay, so I have a heart…what’s so amazing about that?”

            “In Telenary, hearts are the most powerful things to exist…tell me, what’s the queen’s symbol?”

            “I don’t know.” Avrie shrugged.

            “Yes you do, remember? The queen of….” She trailed off to allow Avrie to catch on. Her eyes widened.

            “Hearts….” She breathed.

            “That’s right.” Floe nodded. “The queen herself doesn’t exactly have a heart either. Not inside her body anyway.”


            Floe tapped her head. “Her crown. There’s a heart in her crown which gives her unlimited power so long as she’s wearing it. That’s what makes her queen, but you Avrie; you have a heart too. So you also have unlimited power.”

The End

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