Inspired by Cornelia Funke's InkWorld Triology

Very brief draft of what will hopefully evolve.

One White Woman appeared, only a few inches away from him. These spirits only appeared when your heart was clinging to dear life. If you died quickly they needn't bother fetching you. A soul was only worth the effort when it wasn’t ready to let go. You went to them without a choice. Almost automatically.

Ravenhead could see into his eyes. Shining green eyes that had once gleamed like a child's. His cheeky grin still spread fresh on his thin lips from ear to ear. The dimple on his right cheek showed through even more on his pale complexion. She bent her head forward until they touched by forehead and nose. His body was already icy after a few seconds of being taken by their whispering voices and cold grasp. Ravenhead cradled her partner's body. She could just make out the rosy blush that lay underneath the first few layers of skin on his cheeks.

A picture of their son flashed into her mind. He was waiting at their home with Ravenhead's sister. He looked so much like his father, identical sparkling green eyes and thin lips but his mother's nose and fair skin. His hair was naturally a wavy mess of curls which he inherited from both, only the colour was much darker like his mother's which created the perfect contrast. How would he react when he learned that the White Women had finally paid their visit?

He was gone. Now Ravenhead had no focus, no path. She wondered if she would remain next to his body for days like a stone martyr placed over a grave for eternity. She silently pleaded for his heart to beat again. For his ears to hear her voice. She had been no one when they first saw each other. Ravenhead was as invisible to him now as she was then. But like then, she could see all the muscles in his body and her favourite boyish grin he had always kept. She opened his left palm and held it against her right before laying them on her lap. Yes they were still the same. He could still clasp his fingers over mine if he could move. Only one thing had changed about him: the White Women had taken his soul.

The End

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