Chapter 28: A Real CostumeMature

Narrator: Leslie Defiere

"Leslie?" His voice was a mix of desperation and elation. 

"Hi Adam. What's wrong?" What the fuck? What's wrong? That didn't sound good. Nothing was wrong. 

"Nothing. Why would something be wrong?" Adam asked, slightly put-off it seemed.

I had obviously given the impression that his calls were often followed by bad news. Not that we had any other phone calls to compare it to. It was strange talking to him on the phone; his voice was slightly deeper and his words sped up. With Brent, I was merely grateful that I didn't have to see his face as he talked in his droning and inanimate tone. 

"You just sounded scared," I replied. 

"I was surprised you picked up, that's all." 

"I was surprised you called. I got out of the class, and I'm in the bathroom talking to you. My ass feels cold on this toilet seat," I shifted around, my ears hearing only silence.

I surmised that he had called for no particular reason, and I smiled. Brent had always called for having left a pair of boxers at my place, or about the weekend WOW convention, which I usually didn't attend due to a "doctor's appointment". 

"It's lunch right now, but I'm in an empty classroom. It's fucking cold in here too," Adam responded. 

It looked as if the teacher would have to be under the impression that I was taking a dump or having menstrual cramps in the bathroom. This was taking longer than I thought, despite it being less... important than I had expected it to be. Of course, this could soon turn into a significant conversation. 

It wasn't the idea that scared me so, it was the response. What about the response, I know not. Which one I preferred was unknown to me as well. With a 'yes', that evening could be the end of our social life and our personal life. With a 'no', it could be a pointless evening with Brent, or one in which I spend alone. Alone in a room that is not mine; set out as it would for any of Michelle's guests. 

"So, is there anything new in school?" I asked innocently. 

"No. Nothing changes over the weekend that often, Leslie. Not over here at least," Adam answered. The smile evident in his voice. 

"Oh. 'Cause I found out there was a prom soon. Girls' choice," I said. The hiss-like sound of 'choice' hung for a moment, my teeth letting the air through. 

"Are you going with Brent, then?" Adam wondered.

I had a bad feeling that my response would upset him. It was with both I would be going, and I felt I was being... cowardly. Or at least Adam was bound to feel as such, and I couldn't blame him. He wasn't being acknowledged, and that is where proms and Facebook interferes. Where things become stated, where things become true because others know. But instead, I was making him the family friend I was stuck with. I do suppose, however, that The Rogue could be blamed. 

"I was hoping you'd come too. For half the time," I replied, hopefully. 

"Oh, so you want me to come for one half, and Brent take over the other?" He sounded amused. 

"Basically. But it's a Halloween thing, so you'd have to dress up. And, uh, when I say dress up, I mean dress up. You will no longer be Adam." 

At least not to everyone else. 

The End

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