Chapter 26: Unintentional HabitsMature

Narrator: Leslie Defiere 

Yes, I wanted to go with Adam, and the idea of taking him in secret tempted me. But it was obvious enough to me that our presence there as a couple would stay undisclosed.

The Rogue was able to get the scoop on a party that commenced off school grounds, and it was even more likely that I'd make the headlines with infidelity whilst on campus. Adam looked wildly different from Brent, and despite it being a costume party, his skin color was likely to be exposed. My boyfriend, by right, would find out, and at that point things might be beyond repair. 

"Maybe they should both be there..." I said, still contemplating the option. 

"Who's both?" Michelle asked. 

"Brent and Adam. Or I could be with Adam for a while, he'll leave and then Brent could come and that'd be the rest of my evening. The Rogue will accuse me of something horrendous if I bring Adam as my official date," I explained. The plan was sounding rather inviting to me as I did so. 

"Uh, Leslie? Doesn't that not make much of a difference? I mean, what're you going to say if people ask you about Adam while he's there and Brent isn't?" Joshua inquired, and I thought for a moment. 

"I'll say Brent's coming late, and he's a family friend visiting from some sad place in the States like Greybull, Wyoming who I have to entertain. Oh, and that he's a junior," I answered confidently. The background would make him seem naive and harmless, as were my intentions. I could easily explain Adam's absence once Brent arrives with a personal matter of some sort, if anyone asked. That person would likely be a writer for The Rogue, or rather, the school's paparazzi who especially liked to pick on our social group. 

"You know, Leslie, that could actually work," Michelle said coolly, as she looked back down to her stitching. She always analyzed them every few minutes. She was hardly a perfectionist in other subjects, and life, she thought, was never about perfection. But her seams never busted due to that attentive eye of hers. 

"The Rogue didn't mention him, and he'll be wearing a mask... So I suppose it should..." Josh was still doubtful - just cautious maybe. It was risky to do; perhaps Brent was to arrive early and recognize Adam. He would not only be curious of his presence, but he would be presumptuous. And I assure you, those presumptions were likely to be correct, but it would be my job to prove otherwise. 

I sighed, "I'll think about it. I should probably talk to Adam first, though." 

"That would be wise, my friend," commented Michelle, who was comparing her drawing of the embroidery with the reality of it, frowning. 

The muffled sound of a Nokia ringtone was coming from someone's bag. I looked at the teacher who seemed oblivious to it amongst the chatter of the students. 

"Michelle!" I interrupted her deep concentration reluctantly, for I was afraid I'd caught her an instant before one of her revelations. It was an unintentional habit of mine, sadly. 

"What, my dear?" She said in a slightly sour tone. 

"Your phone! It's ringing," I informed her. 

"Mine's off, Leslie." Shit. My phone, also had an unintentional habit. The glitch was probably created by my dropping it a number of times on hard ground. Yes, my phone quite enjoyed changing its ringtone back to the commercial Nokia tune spontaneously. 

I reached for my bag, slumped on the right of my desk and I opened the zip to see Adam's name on the screen. Fuck.

"Leslie, who is it?" Joshua asked. 


I rejected his call,s switched it to silent, and put the phone in my pocket; one eye on Ms. Quincey as I did so, and walked casually towards her. 

"May I please go to the bathroom?" I asked as politely as possible. Zzzzz, zzzz. It was vibrating this time. Unaware of whether the screen was facing towards me me or not, I placed a hand casually over the right pocket of my pants. If the glow of the screen was let through, I wouldn't be seeing my phone for another week. 

"You may, but do hurry," she consented and I walked out the door. Teachers walked along the corridor, and I cautiously did not let my hand leave the front of my pocket. Please don't hang up, Adam. Wait, for God's sake. The vibrating seemed to be getting impatient, as was-- 

I swung open the door to the girls' bathroom and entered the first cubicle which hadn't been flushed. Typical

The door now locked, I pulled out my phone anxiously and pressed the little green button, "Hello?" 

The End

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