Chapter 18: Capturing MomentsMature

Narrator: Evelyn Crandell 

The fact that Joshua did not invite me to his party turned riot, I did not mind. Otherwise, there would have been more than just slanderous comments about the party and its guests - there would have been photos. 

When Byron had called me to inquire about whether I was present at the party or not, he was much irritated at my answer. It was not a task set to me by The Rogue to make sure I attended; I never did more than I was asked for - I knew that it was corrupt in one way or another. It was a school newspaper which had tainted the reputations of many. Accordingly, I was relieved my absence from the party had saved so many people's asses. Not that anyone knew it; I'd made sure no one knew about my collaboration with the "school newspaper". Except for Joshua. 

I was quite sure that after the bad sex, the second thing that failed Josh and I's relationship was just that - the photo-taking. They said too much. When he looked away from me and out the window as we sat for a coffee, I'd take a shot. As he opened his front door to my unexpected arrival, even before the hellos, I'd take another. Then I'd develop those candid photos and bring them to our next date; the location hardly varied after a couple months and we'd end up at Chimes, the local cafe.

As we'd stare at the pictures silently, we both noticed the tiredness in his eyes, and the spark of boredom. So I stopped. I took the photos, trying to make it less obvious that I acknowledged his feelings, but I never developed them. We never developed anything at all. Affection hardly grew, the sex didn't get better and stopped happening after little, and... nothing. It ended. 

I developed the photos, and it sunk in then; how much a still shot could say and do. What it could end and begin. So my obsession with sceneries and complex architecture, was replaced with the obsession of taking candid photos. And my favorite was that of the newbies. Their faces were always the most descriptive. 

"So this is Frith; the person I had accidentally mistaken Jack as," CJ announced, as he looked at the rest of us around the table. 

"Hi there, Frith," Christina greeted with a smile as he pulled up a chair and sat between his brother and Cameron. Snap. 

"Woah! Was that you?" Frith asked me and I got the impression he was camera-shy. As was I, surprisingly enough, despite shamelessly taking photos of others. 

I waved. "That's Evelyn Crandell. Photography fanatic who carries that goddamn thing wherever she goes," CJ informed him. 

"If you don't mind, I'd rather not get my photo taken..." Frith requested politely, but cautiously. It was evident that the flash of the camera discomforted him immensely. I thought it best to comply to his wishes for the time being. It wouldn't be right of me to drive him away. 

"Haha, yes, if someone stares at it too long, they might be able to figure it out," CJ commented, taking a chug of his water. 

"Figure what out?" Lucas questioned curiously. It seemed I was better informed than the others in regards to Frith. Although, common sense, I was sure, would do the trick. Then again, perhaps he was too... neutral to notice. At least his mask was; no person was neutral - and that would be physically, and emotionally. One might as well be a robot. 

"Frith refuses to disclose his gender, for a reason unbeknown to me," Cameron replied indifferently. My intrigue heightened, and usually, my curiosities were often settled with a couple of photos. It perturbed me greatly that my camera could not have a go at the new one. 

"And to me. We're twins and yet--" Jack complained jokingly. 

"Oh, you'll get over it. I'm sure," Frith interrupted coolly. He looked away to the cafeteria door, observing the other students entering and exiting. Perfect. 

The End

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