Chapter 6: Premature ConclusionsMature

Narrator: Frith Gryms

I heard footsteps, as I pulled up my pants and zipped them up. I stepped out of the stall to see Joshua looking at me with an amused look on his face.

"Well, that mystery is solved," he pronounced smugly.

"Which mystery?" I asked, playing innocent.

He coughed, "Ahem, err... whether you're a guy or a girl?"

I frowned, "I don't see how this solves anything, or why it even matters so much to you."

"Give it up, Frith; you're a guy."

"Am I, Joshua? I'm still not quite sure," I replied. "How long were you listening for?"

He scowled, because we both knew he hadn't been in the bathroom long enough to hear anything that'd determine my sex.

"If I am a guy," I reasoned, "would I not have used the urinal? I mean, clearly I haven't been in here long enough to have been taking a dump." I walked past him to the sink, and washed my hands.

"Maybe you're shy--"

"Or maybe I'm simply being respectful by not using a public urinal."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked me. Of course, if anyone else had said it, I reckon he'd have caught the potential boast.

I shrugged quite apathetically, making sure that the mirror reflected the disinterest in my eyes toward him. Then I idly glanced around the bathroom walls, "Darn, no tampon dispensers in here."

Joshua grumbled a growl as he followed me out of the boys bathroom.


The End

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