Chapter 3: 'Gossip' Is The New 'Privacy'Mature

Narrator: Cameron Archvale Jr.


The second voice was worse. He had a low tenor that always tried to sound lower than it could. And the voice spoke to me, an exuberant greeting, "Hey, there, small cock!"

I was shocked. Not because his statement was irony according to Crystal, but because he had finally had the audacity to use one of his regular monikers for me in front of Leslie.

Frith was beside him, under his arm as if they were friends. It puzzled me. Furthermore, this behaviour of Brent's made it clear that he was trying to ward me away from his flock, and thus he was under the assumption that Frith was a young lady. As much as I might prefer to come to that conclusion, my verdict was still out.

I struggled to answer without retaliating as best as possible, "Leslie's coming over to my place after school. We've got an English assignment to work on."

Leslie was in my English class, because she'd taken Grade 11 English over the summer break between Grades 10 and 11. However, we did not actually have any assignments to work on together.

"Sorry, Brent. I guess we'll have to test out your Mom's new leaf blower tomorrow, instead," she told him.

Frith snorted, before Leslie had even finished her sentence.

"I'm gonna have to visualize that with a lot of leaves in the way to obscure my view," I said.

Leslie and Brent had both turned red.

Frith muttered, "I am a leaf in the wind..."

I cringed, "Is that the movie reference that I think it is?"

"Yes," Frith admitted.

"So, how did you meet Brent? I thought you didn't have any friends."

"Who said I had any friends?" she asked. "Well, I met them..."

"I vote we don't tell this story," interjected Leslie.

"No, no, it's a good story," said Brent, as Joshua walked towards us from behind.

"Oh, noo... this can't be good," I said, as I watched Leslie lower her head and bring an arm to her forehead.

"Well," began Frith, "I suggest that next time, you make use of the gym changeroom shower stalls in the middle of a period. That way, you can hear anyone coming long before they'll see you."

"First impressions are the most important," I added, to fill the awkward silence.

"Why aren't you all at the alcove with everyone else?" Joshua asked Leslie and I, pretending not to notice Frith or Brent. "The first bell isn't going to ring for another twenty minutes. And, I've got some bad news."

Leslie frowned, "Bad news?"

"For CJ," Joshua said, "and I."

"I thought you said my supposed morning commute Saturday morning was all covered with your parents!?"

"That isn't a problem," he assured me, "yet."

"Yet?" I asked, as I looked down at the internet browser displayed on the screen of Joshua's PSP.

"The Rogue has taken a hit out on my party, and you're collateral."

"That explains why a third of the kids on my bus to school tried to congratulate me on losing my virginity to a college girl."

"Small cock did what!?" Brent was flabbergasted.

"He didn't do anything," Leslie said. "It's just slander... right?"

I looked down at the floor. My personal life was slanderously exposed upon the school's unofficial newspaper. And that meant it would not be far from my father's ears and maybe even the principal's office.

Joshua shifted. "Did you... y'know... lose your virginity?"

"Define virginity."

Leslie stifled a laugh.

"No, the answer is no," I whispered, but only Frith and Joshua heard me.

"Well, there's also... a note on your locker, telling you to 'look inside', I assume that means to look inside your locker."

Frith smiled, flashing perfect, white teeth, "You guys sure live an exciting life."

The End

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