Cameron's plan

Grimlock's army had moved bit by bit through the night, soon more then half of them were in the forest ready to take the Dwellers from behind.

Hamon set out with Romina and Joth, who was bubbling over with excitement as usual.

"I wonder if perhaps we will speka with Pandor instead of that daft emissary of his. Poor man, he was probably brainwashed like the rest of them. I cannot believe Cameron's plan is going to work!"

"Joth, please act a bit more mature for this." Romina cut in softly.

"Do you not still have a taste for adventure, O tall and proud of Calvarie? You must as least be anxious-"  he stopped and pulled one of the small, double-bladed axes that he had on his person.

Glancing around quickly, he drew the other.


"What is it?"

Hamon and Romina glanced around in surprise. They were surrounded.


Just then, a tall man appeared. He was stonger then Hamon, and twice his age, with tatoos covering his bare arms and half his face. His wavy black hair was beginning to grey, and the look in his eyes was colder then stone.

"You are Pandor." Hamon guessed, stepping forward.

The Dweller's ruler nodded. without replying, he glared at Joth and sneered. "Vaccuous? Our numbers willl dwindle? Do you think that because my people are stupid, that I am as well? and my emissary? you dwarves are all the same-"

Pandor sneered again. "All of you are brawny, growth-stunted, and foolish. Why live under the ground when it can give you so much above? I find dwarves to be uncivil and full of ale."

Joth stared to rush forward, but Romina held his arm. "You think that you can come up with better insults then I?" she asked in a low tone.

"Romina, be silent!" Hamon whispered. He threw the wreath of holly berries down at Pandor's feet.

"We will accept the death of none in this place. You will have to fight for her." He spat on the wreath, then turned and walked away, grabbing Romina's arm as he did.


Enraged at the impudence shown by the young man, Pandor got ready to order an archer to fire from the trees. He was surprised to see all his archers jumping from the trees and running. He glanced up to see the treetops alight, and burning brightly.

The End

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