a quick word

Jack was pleased. Joth was almost laughing. Lila looked confused. Girmlock was furious, but he couldn't refuse.

"Fire." he said almost dubiously.  "That's your plan, boy? Fire? If we know their biggest weakness, they certainly know ours. It is a good plan, but I do not see why I should consent."

"I've already given the orders, my lord, they are being carried out as we spe-"

"That is not what I asked. What will happen afterwards? Why should we have one of our most valuable scholars as a decoy? They will take her-"

"Romina of Calvarie is a formidable fighter, and excellently learned in their ways. She is the best chance we have at getting them to leave."

"But what if-"

"Enough! I give my consent to this, with your approval or no. Joth will help me bring the message while you attack with fire from the rear in ten days. That will give your army plenty of time, no?"

Romina stood up and prepared to leave.

"Wait." a voice called softly.

She turned.

"Let me accompany you also, Romina-Calvaria. It will. . .make the message more believeable, so to speak." Hamon cleared his throat uncomfortably.

He needed no other explanation

Romina nodded swiftly, then turned and left, feeling confused and upset.

The End

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