Give me fire

Grimlock burst into his parlor, followed by Joth, his cousins, Lila, Cameron and Romina, with Jack and Hamon, who had managed to take a young male Dweller with them. The small man had kicked and screamed so much that they had to force to unconciousness.

Lumin began to take stock of everyone's injuries, whilst Issac began to tie up the little man.

"What on earth is your plan?" Lila demanded. "We will question this. . . .  this . . this thing with the help of Mr. Bathen and Miss Romina. Afterwards, we will tie a plaque bearing a message around his neck, and send him back to his master." Issac said, not even looking up.

Lila sighed and sat- collapsed -down on a small couch next to Romy.

Grimlock sat down on his favorite chair and began to massage his temples.  "Cameron, speak with our majors. Joth, my son, please try to manage the state of my affairs. You both know what to do."

He seemed, almost, as if he here moaning in pain.  This caused Lumin to panic inwardly, for he knew his uncle was getting on in the years.  He slowly walked over to see what he could do.

"Fight fire with fire. That, or bring me a solid shot of auld ale." was the tired answer. Lumin, smiling with relief, chose the latter.


"Fire with fire. . ." Cameron muttered as he left. Hmm. The word fire immediately brought the image of the young girl Lila to his mind. He shook his head. No! she was seventeen, a mere child. . .

Romina would laugh if she knew what he was thinking, the two of them being half-siblings.

Lila. . .fighting. . .fire?  Aha! he had it. They lived in forests, of course they would only tolerate fire to a point. Perfect.

He marched right up to the place known as the Senior Officer's Mess. HE opened the door, barely able to keep himself composed.

"Give me fire. As much as you can get."

The End

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