the message

"Wait! Stop, you can't go out there!"

Romina ran through the halls, as fast as she could. The dwarf who had been sent to deliver their message had already opened the door and made his reply.  But, it was too late. Pandor's emissary had stabbed his side as a message, though he wasn't slain.

The young scholar screamed at the sight of the fallen dwarf. 

"The slave girl!" Pandor's emissary hissed. 

The hall was suddenly filled. "Don't hurt her! The Great One wishes the slave girl alive!" he called.


Pandor's emissary! Hamon ran faster, Jack and Lila at his heels, and the dwarves not far behind. No one enemy lived in these halls while Grimlock of Cannon was living, and they would all prove it.


Glancing from side to side nervously, Romy forced a ceremonial axepike off the wall, and brandished it. The vile Dwellers chattering at the prospect of another slave girl in their caves and trees, Romy relisehd the reminder that today wasn't her day to die.

When they got there, they found half the hall flooded with Dwellers.

"Haha!! Have at thee, you frail, vile, growth-stunted, vaccuous monsters, your numbers will dwindle before I'm through with ye. Grimloooooock!"  Joth of Cannon rushed into the frey, shouting his father's war cry and wielding two small, double-bladed axes.

Glancing at his younger companions, Jack Bathen grinned viciously.

"Well, what are you waiting for, mates, we've got to save miss Romy. Charrrge!" Jack ran as well, followed by Hamon, Lila, Cameron, Issac, Lumin, and quite a few other dwarves and men joined in the fight as well.

"Romina!" Hamon forced his way through the crowd of hard-pressed, battle lusting Dwellers, hacking at whatever came across his path. "What happened?" he deamnded.

Romy swung the deadly axepike, just getting used to her newfound weapon. "Not now, there's-" she forced the weapon out in front of her, and Hamon's sword came down in a tight arc.  "-not much time now."

Just then, Pandor's emissary noticed Lila. "There are two young girl slaves! Take them both, then we will seen know who is who!"

Jack fought through the crowd towards Pandor's emissary, barely able to keep from being overcome. They didn't have Lila yet, or Romina. He did, however, see one of Grimlock's men coem back with recruits before finding himself surrounded by Dwellers once again.

The End

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