the next spoken meeting

"You want her to what?" Jack and Hamon exclimed.

"Yes, you want me to what?" Lila echoed, agreeing, for once, with Hamon and Jack about the level of danger that was presented in what had been suggested.

"There is no other way."  Issac told them, trying to remain calm. Romy nodded in agreement.

"From what I have learned, if there is someone to defend the criminal, then he may speak his piece to the tribe leader. But if the defender fails to convince tribe leader to free the accused, he is executed along with the criminal. I was told this by one who was their prisoner."

Romy glanced at Jack, who nodded. "It is true." he managed to say.

Hamon, who had taken stock of their situation, jumped up and pointed an accusing finger at Issac. "I will not sign my sister's death warrant! She isn't even supposed to be here, she should be-"

Lila pushed him into his chair, winding him and cutting him off.

"The women and children, I know! I can fight, brother, I am not a child anymore. But perhaps, were you completely sober, you would let poor Issac speak his piece before you start shouting!"  

She turned to Issac.  "I will carry those stupid holly berries when we meet with them next, but not before. I will not appear as their prisoner in any way. That is what we want, right?"

Grimlock shook his head.  "That is not what we want. The tribal leaders are stubborn, used to being treated as gods. If this Pandor fellow decides you must die, he will do whatever it takes. He will challenge you, probably, instead of his enemy's leader, such as I."

A knock came at the door, which was answered by Lumin, Issac's twin. A servant came in with news, and bent down to one knee, facing Grimlock.

"Rise, report and relay at once, faithful servant." Grimlock said calmly. 

The servant rose. "Lord Grimlock. The Dwellers wish to know when the fighting is to commence." 

"Is that all?" Joth demanded impatiently. Though Grimlock shot his son a sharp look, the servant merely nodded.

"I believe they wish to attack from the outside, rather then be contained, Son of My Lord. But, they also said to give them their prisoner, or else they would be forced to destroy the House."   

Grimlock nodded. "Very good. You may tell this so-called tribe leader that we will fight in one week, not a day before, and that if we do not form up in ten days, then they may attack us from the inside. If they want Lila, then they must win."

The servant nodded and left. Romina, who had been shuffling thorugh her notes on the Dwellers, suddenly ran from the room.

The End

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