Breaking Wind

As dwarves and humans pulled armor on, and other went out to  find people willing to help, women and children were herded off to a safe cavern, and Lila snuck past her brother to prepare for battle,

Grinlock shouted orders.  Joth, Jack, and Hamon, along with two other dwarves (twins, cousins to Joth) and another young man, Camron, carried them out.

Romina, known as Romy by her friends, was studying the halo of holly berries in Grimlock's hall. It was not a sign of friendship by any means. Romy had done an extensive study of the Dwellers, interviewing with luck enough, capturing the information that was at this time so precious. She had learnt as much about them as Joth had about dragons.

She looked through her notes on the Dwellers, finally seeing what she had been looking for: the symbolic meaning of holly berries. when a prisoner, criminal or slave was crowned with a halo of holly berries, the king would spit on the halo, and they would be taken away to be executed.  She jumped up and ran to tell Grimlock what she had found.


"So they see us as criminals." Joth said angrily when they found out.  Romy nodded, clutching her large collection of notes. Though she was twenty-one and five foot seven, Joth and his father, Grimlock, still intimidated her, more then they had as a child.

Sitting around in Grimlock's personal parlor, which had become their official meeting place, a small group of men, women, and dwarves had been assembled. Grimlock, Joth, Hamon, Jack, Romy, Lila, Cameron, and the twin dwarves Lumin and Issac all pondered on what do do.

Jack looked to Grimlock, who in turn looked at Joth. Joth whispered to Lila and Romy, who shook their head firmly. Hamon glared at his sister, who merely shrugged and glanced at the twins. Cameron sat still, waiting form somrone to say the idea which he was sure would be their solution. . .

The End

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