They feasted, drank, laughed, and danced that night, into the long, lingering hours. Humans and dwarves alike lived in House Cannon, dwarven relatives and friends, humans who took up craftsmanship. Jack, Hamon and Lila were honored that night as the closest guests of Grinlock and Joth. The young men also grew very fond of Lila during the feast, and she was the life of the party. Hamon chatted with Joth and Jack, but mostly kept to himself.

Jack, however, noticed two young girls watching him, and chatting with Lila as well.  He marched up to Hamon, and took away the ale that he had been drinking. "The dancing is almost over, mate." He grinned. "I don't like to dance." Hamon groaned and reached for the ale that Jack had taken away.

Still grinning, Jack drank what was left. He dropped the mug onto the counter, and grabbed Hamon's shoulders. "Go on, Hamon!" He pushed Hamon towards the three girls, and Hamon, along with one of the girls, was pushed among the dancers.

The merriment continued through the long hours, with dancing, drinks, toasts, games and more.

Then last bowstring was struck, and the last song ended. The feast was over, and many returned to their rooms or homes that night.

As companions were leaving, and the doors were groaning shut slowly. . . .

"Lord Grimlock! An army has come to seize House Cannon!" A young dwarf ran down the hall, nearly falling into the arms of his master. The remaining parties looked around for weapons, sending women and children away to a safe place.

The Forest Dwellers had come.

"Lila, get away! Go to your room!" Hamon yelled, grabbing a sword off the wall, followed by Jack.

"My room is toward them, Hamon!" Lila grabbed a set of two short swords off the wall. Pulling the sheaths around her shoulders and onto her back, she drew the two swords.

The Dwellers kept coming, running to attack. Then, behind them. . .

The loud roar of a midnight dragon was heard!

The End

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