Joth of Cannon

The large door opened inwards, and a single dwarf with sparkling coal black eyes and brown hair stood there. His beard was plaited in the style of nobility among dwarves, and he wore midnight breeches and a midnight jacket, with a white shirt and red vest, which indicated that he was of importance in the house, but not head of house.

Jack walked inside and spoke quietly to the dwarf. Both motioned to Hamon and Lila, who glanced uncertainly at each other as they walked inside the large doors, Lila clutching Hamon's sleeve. Jack stepped to one side, and the dwarf sized them up, looking at Hamon, then Lila.

"The girl?" he asked. Jack nodded. "And her elder brother. Lila has a special bond with the dragon, claims she knows his name. It came to their farm, it seems."

"The dwellers?" the dwarf asked sharply. "Are going to be very angry if they find one is gone, taken by a human girl. We need to find good grounds with all haste. We need Grimlock to help us decide what to do. I am an old friend, Jack Bathen. He will know me." the dwarf nodded.

After a moment of silence, Jack walked around the two siblings and introduced them to the dwarf.

"Lila, Hamon, this is Joth of Cannon. The place you are in now is House Cannon, a very prestigious place to be among dwarves and humans." Hamon shook hands with Joth, and Lila curtsied politely as Jack had taught her.

"You are related to the head of house?" she asked him. "Lila!" Hamon and Jack whispered sharply. "No, no, it's quite alright." Joth's eyes sparkled, and he smiled. "I am his son." Jack gaped at him in surprise.  "My mother is not with us, or she would be here with me to greet you. It has been six years now." he added sadly, his eyes dimming for a minute.


Jack's enthusiasm was almost annoying as he and Hamon prepared themselves for a dinner with Grimlock. "His son! Well I never! Joth can't be much younger then Arya, they could be the same age! Grimlock married with a son! But poor man, his wife is gone. I wonder who she was." he said as he buttoned his shirt.

"Jack." Hamon came around the corner to find his shirt, rubbing his head with a towel. Jack ignored him, continuing to marvel Joth. "I just can't believe it. Grimlock having a son! He'll feel the same way when I mention Arya, I imagine."

"Jack." Hamon said a little louder. Jack pulled on the brown overshirt, and folded the white cuffs over it. "Last time I saw Grimlock, he was atop a mountain when we were saying goodbye. He claimed that he would have no heir, and House Cannon would be his tomb. I thought differently, though."



"What will he tell us?" Hamon pulled on his own overshirt, which was a deep, wavering emerald, darks and lights mixing to make one single color. He folded the cuffs, cut and combed his hair, and waited for an answer. "That is up to Grimlock." 

Just then, a knock came at the door.

"Who is it?" Jack called.

"It's Lila, may I come in for a moment?" Jack opened the door wordlessly. Lila came in, and shut the door behind him. She looked about the room for a minute, then sighed with passion. Hamon turned around to see his sister, who looked beautiful. 

Lila had tanned arms and shoulders, which were showed off greatly by her dress. Instead of wearing her riding clothes, and her hair tied back, her hair had been washed, perfumed, cut so it waved (or layered), and was done so it hung down in several places, but was pulled back in others, giving it an even wavier look.

Her dress was also green, indicating her as a direct relation to Hamon, and was styled to match her body. It fluttered out to the knees, with a high waist, an off-the-shoulder top, flowing sleeves, and white shoes to match the comb that held her hair in place, one would claim her to be a most beautiful girl. Both men stared in surprise at her.

"Hamon, did you try and cut your hair?" Hamon nodded. Lila picked up the knife he had used. "You missed pieces, and it won't impress anyone. Let me finish it." Jack chuckled as Hamon reluctantly turned around so Lila could fix his hair.

Joth came to the door the moment she was done, saying that is was time for dinner. If he thougth it odd that Lila cut her brother's hair, he did not say. The three of them nodded, and followed him down the long hallway to the dining hall.

As he lead them there, he pointed out several carvings, portraits, paintings, or inscriptions, eager to show them the things to do with dragons. Liel most dwarves, Joth loved dwarven history, he loved the underground, and he loved to see and speak of dwarven works, buildings or carving.

But unlike most dwarves, he had a passion for dragons which was considered unnatural among other dwarves, even Grimlock himself. "I have not been able to witness the sight of an awesome creature as such, unfortunately. You say he will be full grown soon?"

"Two weeks left, to my knowledge. The full height of his back just reaches my brow." Hamon spoke up. Joth nodded.

"I have done an extensive study of dragons, and the bonds we mortals form with them. It seems that you have an extremely deep bond to be able to know his name when you only knew him for a few days. Many take a long time to learn the names of dragons, unless they are told them. You are lucky, Miss Lila, to have such a deep bond with Inhar."

"Thank you." Lila said softly. "If you do not know the exact age of him, then he could be finished growing within the next three days, or the next three months. I suggest you bring his here as soon as possible." All three of them nodded again.

"These walls were built for dragons, Jack." a voiced called from the end of the hall.

"Grimlock?" Jack dashed down the hall, disregarding all ceremony, and gripped Grimlock's right arm with his own in the form of kinship, or brotherhood. Grimlock grasped it back, squeezing Jack's elbow bend gently. "Well, human boy, look at ye now. A man, with. . . ." he paused, and looked past Jack, at Hamon and Lila, in surprise. "Children?"

Jack shook his head. "Alas, my friend, they are not mine, but my  brother's children. My own daughter stays at the Appleport Inn with her mother."

"Ah." Grimlock grinned. "But I see you have done well for yourself as well.." Jack smiled. "You took a wife, had a son. You said quite differently years ago, Grimlock." the old dwarf laughed and shook his head, his snow-white hair shaking and his black eyes sparkling, making him seem like an older version of Joth, which in fact he was.  "Yes, those were the days, old friend. But there are new days to celebrate." He looked to Joth, Hamon and Lila.

"Well, come on, come in! Let us eat, drink and laugh until first light when your dragon visits us! Come!" The three younger approached, and they all entered the dining hall together.

The End

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