It had taken them nine days to get to the Appleport Inn.

The Appleport Inn, which they were staying at, was busy even during the day, and was now full, especially now that it was evening. Hamon sat in the far corner, drinking ale with Jack and discussing their plans to see Grimlock, the dwarf sage who would hopefully tell them about Inhar.

Yes, they were all calling the dragon that now, and he was growing bigger every day. He was large, almost as tall as Jack now (Jack was five foot ten) and he was also starting to fly.

Lila was thrilled, thinking that she would be able to fly with him some day. Hamon was not thrilled, though the creature was huge, and awesome. Hamon could barely see over top of the highest point of the dragon's back, and according to Jack, he had yet to finish growing.

Lila came forward with a package, and stood there, waiting for Hamon and Jack. Both men stood up, Jack leaving money for their drinks on the table. The three of them walked out of there, got on their horses, and road through town to the mountain, where they would visit Grimlock.

When they arrived, a dwarf came and took their horses away. Jack walked up to the large, rounded stone doors, which were eight feet high, and six men could walk abreast. Jack raised an impressive knocker on the left door, and nodded to Hamon and Lila. The two of them walked up to the door, and on either side of Jack, put their hands around the impressive knocker. Jack looked at both of them, who nodded.

Letting go of the large knocker, the three of them stepped back and let it fall.

The End

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