"What's his name?"

"So that's why you've been daydreaming for the past week?" said Hamon, continuing to laugh. "You think we're keeping a dragon on our farm and feeding it our cattle and then when it grows big enough you're going to ride it to the edge of the world?"

"No-one said it was a dragon," said Lila sulkily. "That's probably already full grown anyw-"

"Don't insult my intelligence, I've seen you sneaking away scraps of meat from the table," said Hamon, an amused frown creasing his face. A few more weeks and this thing's going to be too big to even fit in this barn."

"I can't set him free!" Lila protested. "He'd die."

"We're not keeping it," said Hamon with an air of finality. "I want it off this farm, before it scares my cattle."

Lila shot her brother a disgusted look before picking up the dragon gently in her hands. It wriggled agitatedly and looked into her eyes, as if it had understood exactly the conversation that had just taken place.

"Don't worry," she crooned to it, as Hamon busied himself with the fruit again. "I won't let him get rid of you."

She turned out of the farm without giving her brother a backwards look. She crossed the fields and ducked throught the holes in the hedges until she reached the forest up on the eastern hills. The setting sun gilded the entire landscape with a warm yellow glow, singeing the leaves with fiery highlights. The dragon looked around with interest as Lila took it under the dusky boughs. and she put him down so he could explore.

She had barely walked two steps in pursuit, however, when a creaky voice sounded from behind her.

"That was my Ripfyre you were holding! Where did you get him from?"

The End

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