Inhar's Fury

As Hamon rose that day, he knew something wasn't right. No word from Alaira, no reason why their crops were disappearing, no reason why his sister Lila was acting so strange.

But what was wrong? He wondered as Lila sat down to eat with him. She was acting aloof, hardly speaking. Is she sick? Heartbroken? He pondered over his sister's behaviour as he gathered corn, tomatoes, grapes, apples, and pomegranites. But as he approached the house, coming out of their orchard, he dropped the wheelbarrow he had been pushing and screamed for his sister as loud as possible.

Lila had been weeding the garden, picking potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet peas, yams, and other various vegetables. She had been worrying all week that the creature she had discovered had been found by her twenty-four-year-old brother. Lila was only seventeen, but she was close to her brother, the only person she had left.

Yet as she heard him shout for her, she knew that something was about to go wrong.

"Lila! Come here!" Hamon shouted again.

She sighed. Hesitated.


"I'm coming!" she yelled. She ran out of the garden and past the orchard, toward their small barn. "What is it, Hamon- oh." she stopped. "I see." she murmured. She knelt down to see the strange, reptilian creature.

Her brother stared at her. "Lila, don't just start petting it!" he exclaimed. Lila ignored him, stroking and whispering to the creature. "Come here, look at him." she said softly.

With a sigh, he knelt down next to his sister. "It's not a lizard." he remarked as he got a closer look. then he noticed the outline of prefectly folded wings along the sides and back of the creature. He also noted the color. Dark, dark green, almost black, like the surface of the sea at night. The eyes as well, almost spoke to him.

"Lila," he said, touching her shoulder. "We have to find out what it is." Lila smiled softly and nodded. Then she looked up at her brother her wide, grey eyes serious as she asked Hamon the question on her mind:  "What's his name?"

Hamon began to laugh.

The End

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