inhaling the smokeMature

about a girl that goes through a lot and wants to be "normal" and live a life that doesn't hurt her.

She sits in class alone by herself hearing other girls talk about there "hard" lives and all the drama going on in the school. She hears about the boys talking to each other about other girls and the girls talking about other boys. But she sits by herself thinking that no one understands what its like to literally be alone for most of your life, to be bullied throughout school and going home and crying herself to sleep. but she sits in class dreaming about inhaling the smoke and making herself feel better. she found her cure to help her not feel like she's the odd one out. the cure that didn't make her think about the bad things that never seem to go off her mind. but the one thing is that the cure she wants she can't get because of things like her family and school. But at this point inhaling the smoke is the only thing she wants/ needs . she tells herself she can't do this anymore, she says she's done with all the pain thats eating her alive. she says theres only so much her heart can take. but then her heart tells her to keep going because y let them win? why let your family down? she lives a constant battle. sometimes thats all she wants is to inhale the smoke and to be better, but in the end the smoke is going to be her biggest weakness

The End

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