Inhale, Exhale.

A day in the life of a cancer stick....

Ziggy the Ciggy was one of many. Crammed into a cardboard box with pictures of dead, black lungs gracing them, this was home. There was something intimate about the way they were all snuggled firmly next to each other - destined for the unknown.

His home is wrapped in thin plastic to protect him and his friends, of course.

Ziggy’s new home is being handed to a young man wearing a type of uniform. He is red-haired and has oddly stained fingers. He packs Ziggy and his friends in a large display-type cabinet. Ziggy wonders if this is where they will be able to settle, all snug together.

An elderly man approaches the cabinet. Hands shaking, skin as red as the young man’s hair who is serving him, he grunts out an instruction to the red-head. Ziggy’s home is tossed over to the coughing creature, trying to stifle the wet and wheezing sounds coming from his chest.

Ziggy starts to panic a little as the spluttering one carries them into the sunshine and removes the protective covering from their home. He rips open the roof and like a monster from a nightmare, grabs Ziggy’s friend cosied up next to him. The grey headed one plucks at his friend’s head, flicks it between his shaking fingers a few times and places the tip neatly in his stench-filled mouth.

What is happening, why is this happening?

A loud clicking noise awakens a demon. There is a flame. A bright, red flame. Red like the red-head. The flame starts to tickle at Ziggy’s friend’s feet. The red flame burns brighter still and the bottom half of his friend’s body is all too suddenly aglow. Just as quickly, the tip of his body is turning grey like the monster’s head, disintegrating, disappearing, and gently floating to the ground.

Is this meant to happen!?

Ziggy, in unspeakable anguish and paralysed from fear, is watching his friend’s life being sucked out. As the monster exhales, smoke gushes from his mouth as if it’s trying to escape the carnage.

That burning smell is sickening. Ziggy cannot just sit back. He must do something. But, what?

The End

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