Sweet Gravity

Today, her name is Elizabeth. Liz. She's 19 years old. She moved here last year. She goes by Liz. Elizabeth is a beautiful name, it's such a juvenile thing to do, change your name like that. I hate this girl, what a child. Liz.

I'm following her today. From home to work, to afternoon coffee with the boy she's dating, then home again. This new boy in her life is something of a mystery to her, and also something of a challenge, but he's big into sports and working out, so she likes him. Of course the obvious question is, how the fuck do I know the inner circuitry of her brain like this. This idiot keeps a blog.

I am following her today because she is one of my potential captives. She's good to include because of how stupid she is, and how smart she pretends to be. Her face reeks of desperation as she tries to emote to her maximum to make this guy impressed, and I find it hard to drink my coffee watching this. It's pathetic.

I'm in a trance as I watch her face animate a flurry of emotions, and I smile a weak little smile as the animations ripple across her body causing her to shift and bounce ever so slightly in her seat. It is this moment that I feel the heat of someone's eyes burning into the skin of my face. A woman in her mid-40's, unattractive, is looking at me, trying to decipher what I'm doing and if I'm really just staring at the couple directly in front of me. Her face shows a slight tinge of horror as she realizes to herself that yes, I am staring at them. I maintain eye contact with her, and I let myself come forward through my guise, and my weak smile peels off of my face and transforms so very slowly into a look of rage, disgust, and unadulterated hate. The tinge of horror covers her face, and she severs the eye contact, burying herself back into her table. I keep looking, and it takes another twenty seconds of rage before she finally realizes I'm not going to stop, and quietly leaves. I slowly let the scowl melt off of my face as I get lost in the subtle shakes of Elizabeth's shirt as the fabrics sway with sweet, sweet gravity.

I've missed the bulk of the short conversation. She's ready to leave the coffee shop. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him goodbye, leaving him to pay the bill. I wait approximately 60 seconds before I leave as well making a right onto the sidewalk, and I'm noticed almost immediately.

"Peter?" It's Maria. Shit.
"Hi Maria!"
"What's up? What have you been up to?"
"Oh, just running around!" I laugh, like a freak. Jesus Peter, you're on blast. Tone it down.
"It's so crazy to run into you, I haven't seen you in like a year!"
"Yeah, it's crazy I don't see you around campus!"
"Right? We should get coffee soon. I'll message you." Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit.
"For sure! I'll talk to you later though, I gotta run!" I shout like a maniac, attempting to mimic her relentless enthusiasm. We say goodbye. Dammit. I've lost Elizabeth. And I've got class in a few hours.

The End

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