Chapter III

Horus strained to lift himself off the floor, the sound of crumbling rubble could still be heard faintly. He rubbed his head in a dazed stupor as he examined his surroundings. A thin mist filled the small enclosure he found himself in. The room lay sideways, what was built as the floor and cieling were now the walls. Horus had landed on a piece of wall, rotten and crumbling.

He stretched his legs and checked to make sure he hadn't broken anything and then pulled himself gently to his feet. He noticed fog swirling around a doorway in the floor and counted himself lucky he hadn't fallen in. The mist in the room was probably too thin for a fog wraith, a being who gets its substance from fog, to appear here.

Looking up showed little but a dark cieling, he had no idea where the gap he fell through must be but his best bet would be to find it. Suddenly a familiar sound pierced his ears, a deep guttural growl. The same one he heard earlier. Horus drew his sword and whirled round but nothing was there, his eyes fixed on the spot where the fog swirled. The sound couldn't have been wraiths surely?

Faint whispers could be heard from inside the fog, Horus began to sweat. The whispers of unnumbered dead, to listen to what the fog wraiths said was as damming as meeting one. Something else was here however, more substantial than a wraith and Horus was nearly frozen with fear. His mind raced as he weighed his options, wait for Garma? Run? Call for help?

Eventually he resolved that the most terrifying thing about the noise was that he didn't know what was making it. He began to creep through the ruins of the building, clambering over horizontal doorways, dodging over turned, rotten desks and the odd shattered skeleton. He jumped at every shadow that appeared in the corner of his eyes, preparing to strike at a moments notice.

Suddenly he heard another noise, a crumbling sound of something moving on sloped, loose ground. Horus ducked behind a doorway and listened intently. He could hear movement but he dare not look at its owner. The footsteps grew louder but he heard no other noise, no growl. Suddenly his heart began to pump fiercly, was it a wraith? He looked frantically around, fog was filling the room and the steps were getting louder.

He gripped his weapon tightly. Can't show fear, can't show weakness, can't let his guard down. Whatever the thing was was almost upon him, cold shivers shot through Horus. He closed his eyes tight, he began to shake, the tapping of shoes finally grew to a climax and stopped by the door. Now was his only chance, he had to strike.

Horus shot to his feet, sword raised and screaming a challenge. Without looking he swung his blade in wide arch, he missed his target and found his blade wedged in a wall.

" For the love of nature what are you doing?" Garma shouted angrily. He pulled himself from the floor, clutching a piece of his detatched hair. Horus went red with embarrasment, he brushed his golden locks back and yanked his sword from the wall.

"Sorry I-" Horus stammered. He was cut short by the growl, this time it was loud. The men that followed Garma down shuddered, Garma himself looked around with alarm. They could see nothing in the gloom. Horus turned and pointed to a nearby room, Garma nodded, motioned to his soldiers and then began to creep cautiously toward the door.

The End

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