Infinite Dreams.Mature

The tale of two best friends, Jordan and Hayley, and the typical endeavours of two minds intertwined. It suddenly dawns on Hayley she may be in love with her best friend,
but is telling him the right way to go?
Worst synopsis ever.

I'd just finished a race when I heard Jordan coming back up the stairs. I shuffled backwards to sit upright on his bed, and turned the song I was blasting down a little, just so he was audible. He padded into the room barefoot, and smiled at me, in nothing but a pair of dark denim jeans. He was clean shaven, and his blonde hair was damp and tangled, dangling loosely around his toned shoulders. For a guy as lazy as him, he sure wasn't in bad shape. He looked, fit.

“Jeez, put a shirt on, no one wants to see your rolls.” I said, though I'd be lying if I said I could keep my eyes off him. He gave me a disgruntled smile and picked up a Motorhead one from the pile of clean stuff his mum had evidently placed. And this boy was nearly 19.

“Lies. You know you want this.” He replied matter of factly, not putting the shirt on, but wandering back to his bed and perching beside me. I paused my race and set the controller down, then looked up to meet his emerald gaze. He knew I wanted him a lot more than that, he just never allowed me to show it.

“What I want is ironically what I can't have!” I exclaimed, and got up to get my own sleeping stuff when he reached out and grabbed my hand, pulled me backwards, and I fell clumsily in to his lap. It was undeniably cute but not the way we rolled.

“You battycrease!” I said, trying to get up but he was pinning me down by my palms playfully. He leaned his head in so close to mine, so I licked his nose, making him cringe. At that moment he loosened his grip and I attempted to wriggle out from under him, failed, and we ended up in a more uncomfortable heap. And he was still shirtless.

“Don't be like that, we have to be up at like 4am and I want some sleep.” I said with a hint of seriousness, and he let go instantly, allowing me to get up. That's what I loved about Jordan, he was so obedient, but I didn't use that to my advantage. He just meant too much to me. I grabbed my joggers and oversized Killers shirt and changed behind the dent in the wall before heading back to bed. Jordan had switched the TV and lights out, the only thing making us visible was the soft glow from our matching phones on the beside table.

I slid into bed, and twenty seconds later, I felt him trying to navigate where I was laid. I decided to take the piss and spread out, taking up the entire space. He stumbled blindly and fell to my right, nearly taking out his CD rack.

“Careful fatty!” I hissed through giggles, and he shoved me up violently so he could slot beside me. I contemplated pushing him out but I was too tired for another fight. We were both laid, staring upwards into complete darkness, and I wasn't going to be the first to admit, it was bloody awkward.

“Maiden soon.” I said, to break the silence, and I heard him laugh slightly,

“Heh, indeed.”

Okay so I wasn't sure where to go from there. I rolled over, and I felt him do the same, and my back suddenly became warmer as he sort of, half spooned me. It was weird. He leaned in towards my ear and I felt his soft hair brush my neck.

“Remember, tomorrow.” He quoted, and I rolled my eyes and spun to face him, coming in closer to his face than I meant. All I could make out was the shape of his head, and two bright eyes in the black. His hand slipped down to my waist and I had the unattainable urge to kiss him when all of a sudden, he did it first. For once, Jordan had made a dominant decision involving a girl.

And I, was not complaining.   

The End

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