Just a short story I wrote for a contest about a zombie invasion and what a girls life inside the safety bunker is like. It is written as her diary and is very emotional but can be quite disturbing for some readers.



Day 145 in the Compound – Population: 1367

 The compound is ringing with the screams. The smell is becoming unbearable from people dying. Starvation, thirst and life in general are wearing thin. My name is Jemma by the way. I came here when I was 14 years old, I am now 18. Those creatures out there have no souls, no morals, and no empathy. They want blood and flesh and bone. I’m all alone in here. My Dad ventured out for medical supplies as the long forgotten disease cholera had struck the compound due to filthy water. My Mum, Brother and baby sister had all come down with it. They died within a few days of my Dad leaving. He never came back.


Day 152 in the Compound – Population: 987

 People are just dying. Simply dropping dead. There’s no one to clear the bodies so the smell is becoming unbearable. Cholera is writhing its way through our bodies. If we don’t get medical supplies soon I fear we will be wiped out and become a banquet for the infected demons outside. People are going crazy in here. A few have even left to give themselves to the infected. Sometimes I consider it myself.


Day 167 in the Compound – Population: 750

 There was a new guy here today. He calls himself Craig. He was covered in blood; the guards at the doors stripped him off and checked him for bites. When he was dressed he just sat in a corner and curled up, he looked terrified. I decided to go and sit with him. He just stared at me for what seemed like forever until a small smile broke out on his face. He held his hand out to me and I shook it. He introduced himself as King, Craig King. He told me his whole family had been massacred but he managed to fight his way out of the infected in his home. He had run all the way here, him and his family had managed to hide in their house for 3 years now by putting steel shutters on the windows. The infected get everyone eventually. His hands were shaky and he had a bloody rusted knife sticking out his ripped jeans pocket. His eyes were dark and empty.


Day 184 in the Compound – Population: 500

 We finally have a clean water supply but Cholera is still taking lives. There was a group of 10 people that left the compound today. They had decided to die. I can’t remember what the sunlight looks like, or what fresh air on my face feels like. I’m even forgetting my Mum’s face, the way my Sister laughed, how me and my Brother played and how my Dad hugged me. It’s all one big blur of darkness and death. Craig just paces day after day, thinking, remembering, and plotting. The look on his face scares me sometimes. It’s the same look I see on the faces of the people that leave the compound…


Day 209 in the Compound – Population: 116

 He’s gone. I woke up and he had left. The doors hadn’t been bolted properly and a small group of the infected managed to break inside. They managed to infect 20 people in the compound. All were immediately shot dead. Even children. There cries echoed around the steel compound like shrieks from hell itself. It sent chills through my body and made my very soul shake with fear. This was the closest we had come to full scale infection.  This was a day for some serious thinking. Maybe Craig had a plan. Maybe I should try to follow.


Day 235 in the Compound – Population: 56

 It’s so empty in here now. The floors are covered with bodies like a carpet of blood and limbs. I can’t stay in here anymore. I can’t do it. The flies buzz around their dead feast on the ground and the remaining survivors shiver and rock in corners. I think about Craig all the time. I wish he’d taken me with him and not left me in this hell hole to rot like the corpses on the ground. What were we doing here? This isn’t living this is existing. Death seems like a welcome relief. An escape rope from this destroyed world taken over by the infected. This is my day. My day to stop existing and start living. I can see my family already. This was my time. My time to leave the compound.

The End

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