15-year-old Rarcy is used to Zombies by now. The infection has been going around for about ten years. You see a Zombie, you kill it, then you get on to your normal life.
But what Rarcy hasn't experienced is a full-blown Zombie breakout. With everyone she knows infected with the air-borne disease, a fight for survival is tougher than it's ever been.

You ever heard of a Zombie? You know, those grayish ghouls that lumber around in vide0 games like intoxicated teddy bears? Yeah, that Zombie. Have you ever seen one? Well, I can assure you from experience, that they're leaning away from the drunken stuffed animal, and closer to the swift-panther than you may think.

Me? I'm Rarcy Ratson. And this is my first hand account of how I came to be the girl I am today.

Now you mad be wondering: How did Zombies come to live on Earth, anyway? A mutation of rabies? A nuclear accident? A lab experiment gone wrong? No, nope, and nada. The germ that causes the Zombie disease was dug up, in one of those cold places, like Antarctica or the North Pole or something. Anyway, they dug real deep, looking for life under the ice or something. Well, they found it. Something that had been growing under the ice for over ten million years had been released into the air, automatically poisoning anyone or anything that happened to breathe it in. It's been spreading around the world since then. But also since then, we, meaning all the smart people, have come up with precautions to take. If you ever happen to come across a Zombie while walking in an alley or like places, immediately shock it with your emergency tazer gun, then call the Zombie Cleanup Squad to discard of the body.

You ready to get to the good stuff? Okay then, you asked for it......

The End

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