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Chapter five






After spending a few hours at the seaside - walking along the beach, talking, and inappropriately kissing. I thought it a good idea that we both go back to my mums, and we talk to her. Let her meet Robert. 

I thought if she was anything like me, she'd trust my judgements and love Robert.

We pulled into my drive and I instantly cringed...

"Woah...Erm. Anya ...I wasn't expecting this" Robert said, his face full of amazement.

" maybe my family are little step father owns the theatrical company your production is using. This is how I had a little invite to the meet and greet, as you call it"

My house, is split into two sections...joined by a glass corridor, a large garage and lots and lots of windows. I'll admit. If I had seen it for the first time...I'd be frightened.

"What does your mother do?" he asked, still slightly shocked and looking at the personalized number plates on the black shiny hybrid lexis and the XY jag parked outside the house.

"She doesn't work anymore. She finds it...unnecessary" I said, quickly dodging anymore questions by leaping out of the car. He followed I began walking up the drive, he put his arm around my shoulder

"You’re supposed to be sick remember?"

"Oh...yeah" I said, reaching the front doors. 


I looked through the windows, then at the large oak double doors, and knocked. After a while of waiting, I saw my mum walk through the dining room, the large windows revealed my reflection and Roberts. Robert was watching me as I watched my mum unlock the door. She was wearing dark blue jeans, a lilac jumper, and her dark hair short and straightened. My boyfriends would always saw how "hot" she was. She was pretty...and so young. She’s only 39 - and to have a seventeen year old daughter, she looked young for her age. When we go out together, we’re mistaken for sisters all the time I would always describe her as my much prettier twin.

"Whoa" was all she said once she had opened both double doors.

"Hi mum. Are you ok?" I asked quickly stepping in and pulling Robert with me.


"Yes honey I’m fine. Who is this?" looking at if she didn't really care about me. 

"I'm Robert. Robert Downham" he held his hand out and she shook it eagerly.

"Honey I didn't know you were bringing your boyfriend home already" she smiled, I was so glad she was in a good mood and that this was easy for her to say "boyfriend" probably easier for her than me.

"Yeah I know mum sorry...It's just I wasn't well, so he insisted on bring me home" I smiled up at him, so he would catch my drift he did, smiled and put his around my waist. My mum watched the gesture and said "well darling, it's getting are you feeling? Would you like to get some sleep now?" I was completely shattered but I didn't want Robert to leave. She saw the discomfort in my face and said "I’ll give you two a minute to say goodbye...darling how about I bring you up some tea?"

"That’s a great idea mum" I needed a little while to say goodbye to Robert...and arrange when I could next see him.


I pulled him up my winding stairs towards my room, not sure how long my mum would take making the tea. But I wanted to make the most of Robert before he left.

"When can I next see you?" I said as soon as I had closed my bedroom door. He was immediately in front of me, holding both my hands.

"I'm always free"

"Thursday night...I'm going to a sixth form party, how about if you pick me up afterwards? Mum won't mind having me home for three days...she seems to like you" I smiled. Why wouldn't she?

"Perfect" he said, and leaned to kiss me slowly. Suddenly my bedroom door swung open knocked me and Robert onto my bed.

"Oh I'm sorry guys...I didn't realise you were busy" my mum screamed. I instinctively jumped off of Robert. And the blood under my cheeks flushed. 

I watched Robert casually sit up. A little embarrassed him. I laughed...and so did my mum as she set down, tea for one. I rolled me eyes and looked at Robert.

"That’s fine Ms Crawford. I think I should go now anyway". He stood up, and holding my hand gently kissed my lips and said "I’ll let myself out" he looked into my eyes and excused himself. "It was lovely to meet you Robert" my mum called after him and I heard him laugh and reply "You too, Ms Crawford"


My mum and I watched each other, as we heard the door slam. I could see the excitement in her eyes.

"He is gorgeous!!" she erupted...clapping and jumping up and down.

"Mum!!" I screamed back laughing..."shhh he can probably hear you! And I know!!" I couldn't help but be a little excited. I was hoping my friends would be exactly the same in their reactions.

"How did you meet Robert Downham? Your friends will go insane!" she pulled me to sit with her on the bed.

"When Jon sent me to that meet and greet thingy...I met him there. I didn't know who he was! But he wanted me to help him escape because he was bored so we went and had lunch and then I stayed at his place" I winced waiting for an explosion. There was no point lying to her. She’d know.

"Separate rooms?" her face hard.

"Not exactly...counting the sofa and the bedroom...his house is opened planned"

"He has a house!!?" she screamed again...this was insane.

"Yes" I replied thankful the change in "sleeping arrangements" topic. But I knew the next question. I cringed

" old is he??"

"Ok, mum don't freak's really not that bad...he's. 21"

"Oh that isn't bad...he looks about that. Gosh he's so handsome. Your children are going to beautiful."

I smiled; my mum was probably already choosing wedding cake ingredients in her head.

"What do you think my friends will think?" I asked, hoping for reassurance. But I wasn't getting any.

"Oh they'll go insane Anya, He's almost a celebrity! That you didn't even know about. I bet they know him. He’s a hunk" she winked. 

I was dreading school the next day. But I knew it would be ok, deep down. My mum reassured me that them being jealous, was just an expected reaction.

I stood outside, waiting for my bus cursing the fact I still hadn't passed my driving test, when I saw Sophie walking down her road, her cream coat the standing out against the morning fog. When she reached me I hugged her and asked the usual things.

"Good weekend?" She asked, after telling me about hers

"Yeah actually it was interesting" I swallowed "I met someone, and I think you might know who he is"

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah...he's kind of an actor. His name is Robert Downham?" She stared at me for a long time, wondering whether I was joking.

"M’haha really?"


"No way. Anya, he's like 25" she looked at me hard.

"He’s 21 in May actually"


Sophie didn't answer. She looked unimpressed, as if I was lying about it. Giving me the impression today wouldn't be as easy as mum said.

The End

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