Chapter 4Mature

Chapter four






I was dreaming of the night before, when I finally woke up, I felt no one around me, and could hear nothing, and I remembered that nothing actually happened last night. I fell asleep! Damn, he's going to be so miffed, I kept my eyes closed for some time. Thinking of where Robert might be, if he were in bed, I was facing him asleep...I imagined his perfect face, and that thought made me ache that I might have to leave him...then I suddenly thought of school! My eyes opened and I sat up. Robert was there, on the other side of the bed. Watching, me.

"Robert. Hi...I'm really sorry I fell asleep what time it is?" I searched his face for some kind of agitation. But he none, He smiled and pulled me closer to him.

"Good morning...”  He smiled, completely ignoring my questions and looking me over I must have looked a mess 

"Robert I need to get to school. What time is it?" I wanted to pull away. But his messy bed hair was giving him this goofy look that was almost impossible to resist.

"I’ve already called your school. and your mother" he winced, as if waiting for me to explode then went on "I told both that you were sick, and there was no way of you wanting or needing to go to school today" at the sound of my mother I got frightened

"You called my mum!?" I almost screamed, mum talking to Robert, Robert talking to my mum...shit.

"Yes, she was very giddy when I told her, who I was" he beamed and I couldn't help but smile, but I hid it with an eye roll. "I explained that you were unwell. - any one that sleeps in this late cannot be healthy" he gave me a quizzical look, which seemed full of worry and I looked back at him as if to say what? He didn't explain, but went on - and calmed me down about him talking to my mum. I didn't even factor in telling my mum that I was in love with Robert Downham.....after meeting him yesterday. 


I decided to completely ignore the situation. Robert had assured me my mum was ok, that I was resting. She hopes I'm feeling better soon. "Mum, I could not feel any better right now" I thought and smiled - looking up and down at Robert. He was sitting up, with his pale chest, toned and wide. I traced my fingers along his collar bone and then he pulled me closer, to rest my head on his chest. He kissed the top of my head, and I felt him smell my hair.

"How did you sleep?" I asked after a long time. I was certain it was very late in the morning, but I didn't care, I could have stayed were I was, forever.

"Excellent...thanks" he smiled and I lifted my face to his level and lifted my eyebrows. "How did you sleep?" he asked almost immediately.

"It was comfy" was all I could say. It really was. Although I'd rather be awake, his blue eyes were piercing and his crazy bed hair, made him even more irresistible.


After an hour or two of lying in bed, we decided it was time to get up. I got out of bed and turned to see; he hadn't moved and was watching me. Rolling my eyes and sliding on top of the bed, on my hands and knees I reached him...

I looked into his eyes, and he was waiting for me to say something.
"Are you going to get out of bed?" I asked poking him in the ribs..."I'm hungry" I pouted.

Lunging at me, he grabbed my poking hand, and my waist lifting me to the side, and leaning on top of me, effectively ending that conversation.



When I finally convinced him to get out of bed, He made coffee and cooked eggs while I showered. It was hot, but it gave me time to think. Would my friends know who Robert was? What would they think of him being older? My mum already knew I was with him.


I pulled my jeans on and threw one of his vest tops he had given me. My hair was soaking so I towel dried it as much as possible. I stared at myself in the mirror, my cheeks flushed red and my mascara was slightly running from the shower and sleep.

Walking out of the bathroom, there was the smell of coffee and eggs. I walked around the corner towards the kitchen still drying my hair. When I saw him, he was standing in just his jeans, his hair in a mess and he was sipping his coffee and staring out towards to the living room, and through the window. He hadn't noticed I came out.

"Hi" I said, smiling, sitting down and forking some scrambled egg. It was so good, and I closed my eyes as I chewed.

When I had opened them, he had sat down and done the same...he was looking at me.


"Hi are you feeling better?"

"I'm not ill, Robert. But I am much sleep did we actually get last night?" I laughed at how random the whole situation was. This time yesterday I didn't even know of a Robert Downham, and this morning, I'm discussing how much sleep we had. It sounded so ridiculous; I shook my head to rid myself of it.

"I would say a good nine hours" he smiled...and sipped his coffee.

I laughed and decided to change the subject

"Robert, what are you friends going to think of me? - I'm seventeen...and you met me yesterday...and I'm not sure whether my friends know who you are. I'm worried of what they might think...and I knew I shouldn't...but they are my friends...and aren't you worried your friends won't like me?" I was eager to know the answer so I forced myself to look up from my plate to see what his reaction was, to my surprise he was waiting inventively for me to finish....I breathed out and lifted my eyebrows.

"Well, beautiful...There's hardly an age difference, it’s four years. Surely you're friends would understand you are mature enough to make your own decisions? My friends are very open minded...I'm sure they'll be happy I’m happy. And so should your friends...albeit that they are good friends to you?" it came out like a question...I pondered it for a minute.

"I guess you are right. I'm afraid they are going to get jealous...I mean. You are the ideal" I looked at him and tried not to smile...his face wrinkled into a confused and funny face so I didn't press on how perfect he was.

"I guess...I’ll just tell them tomorrow...” he looked up startled.

"You’re not planning on kidnapping me again are you?" I smiled, lifting my eyes. "My clothes will dissolve if I don't change, my mother will think I'm really sick"

"If you go back...I’ll have to face everyone that I left yesterday" he looked if I had some sort of solution.

"Sorry but you'll have to go back at some point. Are you going to tell them everything?" I giggled.

"Yes" he said simply..."what do you want to do today?"

I looked outside; it was a gorgeous day..."to go to the seaside"



The End

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