Chapter 3Mature

Chapter Three.







The hall to his house was quite big, with blood red walls; plastered with movie posters, old ones, and new ones...I smiled and looked at the great classics he'd got on there. I turned to see he was watching me.

"Will you stop it?" I laughed "It makes me so nervous when you watch me like that" I said, shaking my head.

"Sorry" He replied, his smile bright in the dark room.

"Your house is nice" I said, looking around at little framed pictures on the walls.

"Thank you. I spend so much time here, it’s the only real effort I make" He shrugged and I laughed.

"It's familiar. I feel like I've been here before. Can we test it?" I asked, excited and a smile grew on his face.


After we had dumped our coats we went into his large and white living room

"White must be in fashion" I thought to myself.

He made hot chocolate while I tried to put a DVD on...I say tried...because he had this snazzy looking DVD player, that was all technical and in the end I gave up.

"Ok, so maybe your DVD player is new or something. Because that is not familiar and I’m pretty hates me" I came up behind him...pouting my lips and batting my eyelashes.

"You really shouldn't do that" He said "you could get away with murder with that face" I frowned, and then laughed. 

"My mother says exactly the same thing “I said. And he chuckled.

"Ok so let me try and play the DVD" he said, reaching to grab the DVD.

"Not a chance" I said, putting it behind my back "teach me"

He didn't answer just went to grab it again, but I was quicker and ran around the kitchen counter.

He followed but I giggled and ran into the bedroom.


He came up behind me, and whispered "give me the DVD" but I ran forward. Darting to the side. So he couldn't see me, it was very dark and I doubt he noticed that I was watching him, He stopped in the middle of the room, looking around and I couldn't help but laugh. I walked forward, giggling "sorry, I can't play hide and seek. I laugh and give myself away" I said, standing in front of him.


I closed my eyes...breathing in his scent "How strange is it that we met almost eight hours ago, and we're already in your bedroom?"  I laughed, and so did He, but he did not answer for a very long time, so I opened one eye and saw his eyes were open, watching me in the darkness. My eyes had adjusted so I opened them both.

"Random, I know." he said, smirking.


I sat on a kitchen stool, and watched him spoon hot chocolate powder into two gigantic mugs and pour boiling water in.

He didn't stir them, which I thought was strange...but he put a spoon in my mug and handed it to me.

"Thank you" I smiled. “now what movie first..?" I asked stirring

"Mm...What one are we most likely to ignore while we make out?" he smiled.

"I like you’re thinking...Erm...Casa Blanca" I nodded, and got up leaving my hot chocolate and went back to trying to put the DVD in.

It finally gave in and the DVD player opened

"Yay, it opened" I clapped in triumph

"I have the remote" he chuckled and I pursed my lips at him "I take it you're no good with technology?"

"Not really" I said, gently placing this disk into the slot and pressing close.


The DVD began and I went and sat on the sofa...I stared at the DVD root menu for a while...then realized he wasn't coming...I turned around and he had gone.

" coming?" I shouted loudly but there was no answer for a long time and I laughed, wondering what he was doing.

I got up and looked around. The two cups of hot chocolate were still on his kitchen counter...steaming.

"I'm coming...sorry..." there was a pause and then I heard him in the bedroom he banged on the door once “Anya, could you open the bedroom hands are full?" I smiled and curiously went to the bedroom.


I opened the bedroom door to a white lump of duvet.

I laughed and tried to help him through the door....he had taken the duvet of his bed, and forgotten that he had closed the doors...

"I was going to surprise you, by putting this on the sofa before you had done putting the DVD on, because I knew it was a challenge" he winked "but you were quicker than I expected, and I closed the door" he looked down. His hair an even bigger mess from wrestling with the duvet.


"Let’s pretend to watch this eh?" He said, laying out the duvet.

I went to get the hot chocolates and he watched me walk over, and get them...

I laughed, unable to truly answer.

"So you don't do this every night then?" I asked, thinking this would probably piss him off, but continued anyway "make girls fall for you, take them back to your house and murder them?" I laughed

" do you think I got this leather couch?" He turned, smiling..."I was thinking of making a foot rest"

"That’s sick" I said, walking over to the sofa.


After pressing play and throwing the remote, Robert pulled me on top of him. He nestled me into the side of the sofa and brought the duvet over us both, I laughed as he lifted me to his eye sight and we talked and told each other secrets...after a little while. We had stopped; we were experimenting to see if we could read each other’s minds. We giggled and had this theory that we were connected in some way mentally which is why we agreed on so much. We laughed when we tried to guess what each other were thinking. It was my turn to guess...

"Rearm...peanut butter is the best thing ever?" I giggled when he wrinkled his nose "oh yeah, that's what I was thinking...Robert I have no idea what are you thinking please tell me?"

"God, you are beautiful" he leaned in to kiss me, I almost surrendered but I really wanted to know what he was thinking...and pulled away

"No seriously, what were you thinking?" he pulled back, and frowned

"I just said it, I was thinking that you...are...beautiful" he leaned back in to kiss me.


"The film has ended" he said...I'm not sure what he wanted me to say but he just smiled and  sat up onto his knees which were either side of me. He had taken off my jacket and his, and I hadn't notice...”when did you--?" I looked down, confused...

"Mmm...I seemed to distract you more than I thought..." he smiled, and my breathing had finally gone back to normal. But I was suddenly cold.

I shivered and he saw it, it seemed to work better than I expected he was suddenly lifting me, my hands around his neck.

I let go and opened my eyes realizing he had moved us to the bedroom. He sat up.


"Are you tired?" he said, smiling at my bewilderment

"Not now" I huffed..."its cold, come back" I said trying to pull him back...

"Trust me, I'll be back...we need the duvet" he winked and walked out.

I smiled such a smile I did not recognize, it was like he brought this other happy person out of me. I got off the bed and wondered whether he and I were going to be doing any sleeping...I stood facing the blinded window, lines of moonlight streaked my face and clothes. I searched his drawers and found a pair of boxers and a t-shirt I could sleep in and turned to face the window and unbuttoned my jeans, stepping out of them carefully, and then took my vest. I pulled the shorts on and the t-shirt and got under the first quilt on the bed...why he had a duvet, I didn't know. But soon I was so comfortable I fell asleep.



The End

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