Infamous LoveMature

Anya is a very ordinary girl who one day runs into Robert, who is a successful actor. They soon begin a relationship which stems into trouble for both Anya's normal world and Robert's high profile universe.

Chapter One.






"What the hell am I doing here?" I said, quietly opening the double doors into the corridor of this insanely white and expensive hotel.  

I was walking slowly and paying attention to everything, as I had my iPod on and really didn't want to bang into any hotel maintenance on their rounds.

The walls of this long and narrow corridor were white, so were the floors and I felt like a splodge of black paint, in contrast with my dark jeans and leather jacket.

 "1437" was the door I was looking for, and instantly and almost involuntarily an "urgh" escaped from my mouth. I'd been invited here by my step father, who owns a theatrical company that deal with directors, actors and promotions of their shows. He also wasn't brave enough to come here himself, maybe he thought it would be a good experience for me to come and meet some of these actors and writers that I had apparently heard of. The Show was on "The Taming of the Shrew" - my favourite Shakespeare play, so I was waiting to be impressed of both casting and the writer’s adaptations of the already fantastic play. All I was to say was "Hi, I'm Anya, Jonathon's step daughter"


"Ahh 1437" I thought. Stopping to another set of enormous double doors, which were also white. I put my hand on the cold, silver door knob and noticed my nails...chipped dark purple, "god damn" I said, my voice muffled over the loud music blasting through my ears "oops..." I thought, "I bet they heard that" I took my headphones out and begrudgingly turned off Blink 182. "Amazing band" I thought.

I pushed one door, and it didn't I decided to knock and no -one answered. "Result" I thought "if no-one answers that's my excuse for skipping this lame fest"

I pushed the door again and it gave...I heard voices and the door unlocked just as I pushed again harder. I flew through the door and into a tall, grey haired man that did not look impressed, as my face smashed into his chest. "Damn"


"Hi. I'm Anya, Jonathon's step daughter" I said sweeping my fringe out of my eyes, he replied with a quizzical look and I lifted my eyebrows at him "tough crowd" I thought.

"Anya!! Hello, I'm Roger your father's friend...he said to expect you at's now twelve are you always this punctual?" I stared at the short, blond man with a pink tie and replied "he's my step father actually...and yeah I'm pretty much always this punctual, when the event I'm attending is this interesting. My dad said to expect you this queer, do you always live up to these expectations?" Roger's face turned pink and I heard a sniggering behind me, and quickly turned to see who it was. There was a  guy watching from his sofa in one of the rooms, the door slightly open, and he was staring out of the gap at me...he instantly stopped laughing when I narrowed my eyes to look at him properly.

He looked a little familiar. From where I didn't know. But before I could really think anymore of it, Sarah had grabbed me and pulled me to the side "Now Anya, what are you so late? And why are you talking to Roger like that?" Sarah looked at me, with her big brown eyes waiting for my reaction. She was my step dad's secretary and the person who looks after me when I get lost in London.


"Well Sarah, Jonny sent me...I'm not sure why, so don't ask. And "Roger" was being a dick...Sarah what's going on here?" I asked, pulling my arm from her grip, she was stronger than she looked.

"Darling, Jonny wanted you to get out of the house, and said you'd be interested in this particular production"

I was interested, Taming of the Shrew is my all time favourite Shakespeare Play. I couldn't wait to read the new adaptations of the play, and who would be playing Petruchio and Kathrine. 

"Yes they are here". She seemed overly impressed. I had no idea why she was, I got the impression she wasn't a fan.

"Do I have to see them now?" the question was innocent enough but she looked at me like she was going to explode.

I winced and walked off...I could not be bothered with this sort of argument, then suddenly there was a flood of long blonde haired, Ugg boot wearing girls about my age running into the same room, I saw that guy in. "wooaah hold on ladies" I heard him say "urgh" I thought "definitely an Actor"


I went for a walk around this fantastic looking suite.

It was absolutely huge...almost as big as an actual house, all white...and gold. Which didn't match the door knobs, I thought

I went into the room and saw a nice looking sofa of which I thought would contrast nicely with my dark jeans and leather jacket.

I plonked myself down "damn this is a nice sofa" I closed my eyes and imagined I was somewhere else, on the mountain picking up some serious speed, skiing close to beginners scaring the crap out of them, I imagined I could hear, the soft scraping sound of the snow, as I caved down the long run...

Suddenly the door opened and Sarah came in.

Her mouth was moving but I couldn't hear a word...she looked calm but she was probably telling me "I'm a lazy cow and I should piss off and that I should stop wasting her time"

I laughed and took a headphone out..."yes?" I a polite tone.

She looked at me, and said "Most of the girls are gone now, so you're free to go and talk to some of the actors. As long as you're nice"

"What are you on about? - I'm always nice" I smiled, got up and thought, "as long as I'm here I might aswell go meet the writers, tell them there adaptations are lame, and the actors are all wrong for their parts"


She lead me through the doors I had been looking in when I first arrived, Roger and the guy, I had bumped into were in the room talking quietly.  There were a few girls sitting on the sofa opposite chattering away and saying "oh my god" I winced and thought this is going to be a long day, then I saw the guy that had been laughing at me, sitting on the edge of the sofa talking to them. I didn't make eye contact, I just sat on the sofa opposite them and realized my iPod was still on, on full blast, they must have heard it because one of the girls turned and eyed me once, and so did the guy.


"Anya come here" Sarah was smiling and standing by the window. I huffed, took my jacket off, turned off the iPod and leaving my stuff on the sofa. Got up and went to the window, all she wanted to show me was the coca cola sign on the side of some building; I acted enthused as I was sure she was just trying to involve me in the rooms excitement. I turned around to see the same guy sitting in my place with my iPod in his hands and listening to it. I laughed, rolled my eyes and noticed the blonde girls staring at me.

"What?" I asked quite bluntly they all remained staring at me as if I hadn't said anything; I walked over...loudly as to startle him. Which I didn't, he remained scrolling my iPod, I reached the sofa and folded my arms, and he jumped up pulling both headphones out.

"Sorry..." he said in a strong English accent "you have great taste in music...I'd never guess a girl would listen to rolling stones and daft punk...quite a mixture"

Firstly, wow. I didn't even realize how attractive this guy was until now, he had midlong, light brown, scruffy hair that was in a complete mess on the top of his head, His eyes were a mixture of green and blue, framed with perfect eyelashes, that overshadowed by a heavy brow. He was tall and quite muscular with broad shoulders and long arms, and his smile hiding perfect white teeth almost knocked me onto the floor. My heart began to race as I looked him over and my skin flared hot...I took a deep breath and replied

"Um...that's alright, and thanks I guess" I looked away, almost embarrassed.

"What is your name?" he smiled, I frowned...he couldn't have been that involved in those girls to not have heard Sarah call me not three minutes ago?

"I'm Anya...but my friends call me Anya" I held out my hand, which he shook almost too eagerly.

he smiled or more like beamed at me, and I couldn't help but smile back, we were looking at each other for a long time, my skin hot and my heart hammering, he remained calm, but his smile grew wider, when I frowned, realizing he hadn't told me who he was...I wasn't sure whether he was actor or what...I was confused. It was like he expected me to know his name.

"Eerrm...sorry it seems you've left your name tag at home who are you?" I blurted out, the girls on the sofa, was still watching us, wide eyed and opened mouths, they looked at me as if I'd been living under a rock for ten years.


I shifted my weight, and keeping my hand in his waiting for his reply.

"Sorry for expecting you to know who I am...I presumed since you were here, that you knew. My name is Robert Downham.

He looked at me, as if I was going to automatically recognize the name. Which I didn't. I frowned and he frowned back mockingly. I laughed and took my hand out of his..

"Is my name funny?" he asked, raising his eyebrows and pulling the left side of his mouth into a smile that should be illegal.

"no, no" I said in-between laughs, my skin flared and I couldn't control my breathing " I just don't know who you are, and you seem to believe that every girl should" I gestured towards the girls on the sofa who were still watching us, and they scowled, he didn't look at them, he kept his eyes on me, and answered simply " common mistake, why are you here?"

His question seemed a casual sound of interest, and I explained the situation with my step dad. I watched him the entire time, taking in his face...which I couldn't fully believe was real, and his eyes flittered from my eyes to what seemed to be my lips as I talked, giggled foolishly and explained why I was there.


"Why are you here?" I asked once I had finished...he answered immediately as if prepared for the question

"to promote some productions  I've been working on over in America and this production" he pointed to the floor  "My American productions are a big hit here, and I've only just arrived back to promote them. This is the first as they say "meet and greet", where I meet the fans and talk about my character" he looked frustrated as if he wasn't enjoying it much.

"Cool" I said, it was only thing I could think of to say.

"What is?" his question took me off guard..."cool" is literally the word I say when I have zip all to. "What is "cool"? - you don't know anything about the production I’m in, or what character I play"

It was more of a statement, his tone was playful so I laughed, and said "does it insult you? That fact I don't know who you are? - and for your information, Taming of the Shrew is my favourite Shakespeare play" he leaned in close as if to tell me a secret, I could smell his cologne and looked into his eyes and thought I was going to faint, my heart raced as he replied, breathing into my ear "actually.." his English accent was strong, yet had a velvet way of sounding "actually...I find it quite...intriguing..." he leaned away and I almost followed him forward. It took me a while to answer I was slightly dazzled.


"Yeah but I bet the production isn't like the original... like books being made into movies - it's a crime. There's a reason they're books and when they're popular books too. Words are so much stronger than actions" he watched my lips as I said these words and I instantly thought he'd be offended. I winced waiting for him to defend himself but he didn't he just smiled. I smiled back involuntarily...damn that smile should be illegal.

"Anya?" I could hear Sarah but I couldn't stop beaming at Robert, My heart beating so fast in my chest and my blood boiling under my skin. He raised his eyebrows slightly when I didn't answer her after the second time she called me

"Huh? Yeah??" I looked away and Sarah was standing by the door.

"It’s your da- step dad on the phone...he wants to see how you're getting on" she said waving the phone in front of me.

I huffed, rolling my eyes and smiling at Robert, who put his hands behind his back and winked at me, as I walked out of the room, grabbing the phone from Sarah. 


"Hi Jonny" I said smiling...but I really wanted to go back and talk to Robert

"Hi darling you alright?" he sounded cheerful but he was probably neck deep in boring work stuff

"Yes I’m fine..." I replied, keeping it short and sweet. I wanted to go back.

There was a long pause "So...met anyone famous?" he said, his tone flat, unimpressed and uninterested in my answer.

"Erm yeah...well I’ve met some people who are famous...apparently. They’re loads of other girls here who know who these actors are, but I have no idea who they are"

I heard him laugh and I laughed back

"Is Sarah coping alright with you?" his voice of concern.

"c'mon. I’m not that bad" I rolled my eyes

"I know darling, but she has a high blood pressure" I shook my head and looked at sarah looking out the window again

"I'll be extra nice I promise"

"That’s my girl" - Click! And I was left with a dial tone.

He was probably very busy.


I heard the girls from inside the room, giggling.

I stood in the corridor, wondering whether I actually wanted to go back in the room, then I realized I'd have to at some point, my damn bag and coat were in there.

"Shit, shit, and shit" I muttered under my breath. How can I go get my bag? And see Robert before I split this place?

"Psssttt!" I heard from behind me. I spun around startled to see Robert peeping through a gap in a door across from me.

"What are you doing!?" I whispered, walking over and opening the door a little more to see him properly, he grabbed my arms and pulled me in and shutting the door behind him, my skin boiling as he touched me.

"You have got to get me out of here, Anya" he whispered in a frantic voice, a little dramatic I thought. Then I thought of the sudden benefit, Robert wants my help. Wow.

"Err right. How are we going to get you out?" I looked around the extra room...all white with just a sofa and a mini bar.

"Fire door?" he said, lifting his eyebrows and then suddenly I realised I'd left my bag

"Shit. I've left my bag in the other room" I said, pointing to the wall, he smiled letting go of my arms and pointing to the chair behind the door...I turned around and saw my bag and turned "iPod?" I asked him angrily as if expecting him to have forgotten it.

"Got it" he said, flashing his perfect teeth at me. 


"do you have any idea where the fire doors are?" he asked eagerly as if he expected me to know where they were, however,  during my walk to the room, I saw three fire doors...two in the corridor and one opposite the room I first went into. I folded my arms, realizing how much trouble I could get into for this.

"do you have any idea how much trouble I'm going to be in for kidnapping you?"

"I could always say I kidnapped you? If you wish?" he smiled a devilish smile and winked, I laughed and went to put my jacket on, he was watching me.

"Is that a yes?" he asked smiling

I rolled my eyes. And opened the door "come on"


I couldn't help it. There was no way of saying no to him. The fact that he wanted to leave that mind numbing place, gave me instant hope that he wasn't like the usual young actors you hear about, I also knew how attracted to him I was, and how all I ever wanted to do when I was looking at him was to kiss him.

Gently I peeked out of the door just incase the girls or Sarah had come to find us. I opened the door completely, and felt Robert pull my arm behind me, and I spun my head round thinking something was wrong; he smiled and took my hand. I smiled looking down at our hands..."this is just too awesome" I thought, heading towards the fire door. Looking behind me to check him again, he smiled and nodded...with my free hand and his we pushed the safety door and ran down the long steps...

This would definitely be an exciting day and it was only one o clock.


We were both laughing so much after the third flight of stairs, I was exhausted and my ankles were on fire.

I stumbled and with his free hand he caught me, his face was so close to mine, I could smell his scent again, and look into his eyes...I was staring at him for quite a while before I realized my skin was red hot and my heart beating so loudly in my ears.

"Why did you want to get out of there so badly?" I breathed; his smell filled my lungs with a sweet scent that I never wanted to get rid of. His face so close to mine.  I watched him for a moment, before he answered.

"it was just a little those girls were crazy" he raised his eyebrows as if expecting me to agree or argue, I didn't and he continued "one of them asked me to hit her" he raised his eyebrows higher and I instantly realized who is character was. I was disappointed and blurted out

"Urgh…oh no...Please don't say you play Petruchio?" completely gutted as I was...I was so afraid I'd offend him. He half smiled. But not the one I was beginning to like. We were now sitting on the steps, I moved closer and faced him..."you do don't you?" he nodded once, and I laughed, hopefully breaking the mood and he started laughing too.

"I’m guessing you think that that character should be left to our imaginations? As he is such a perfect character?" he got that right. Petruchio is depicted as this absolutely perfect being, the most perfect of guys for girls imaginations, to let them find their own ideas of this perfect doubts of how perfect Robert was. But to have the character left to this one bounds of perfect is criminal. I told him this, and he laughed so much I thought he wasn't going to stop. "But Taming of the Shrew was intended to be acted out, I guess Shakespeare thought there would have been an appropriate character" I said shrugging and trying to make amends.

"And you don't think so?" he said, nudging me

"No way" I said, shaking my head and smiling.


He suddenly stood up and grabbed my hand, and began running down the stairs, and when he had stopped, he opened the doors. Stepping out into the street.  He was so much more attractive in the day light. It was so busy on the streets but it seemed to go slower when I was looking at him. He was staring straight ahead as if to cross the road. I grabbed his arm..."I really frightened of crossing the road" I blurted out, then felt embarrassed, and to my surprise, he smiled taking my hand and walking along the path.

"Taxi!" he called, like in the old American movies. He looked at me, almost for my approval I thought and a taxi stopped behind me. We climbed in and the driver asked "where to". We both looked at each other as we both hadn't decided and burst out laughing but the driver not quite getting the joke asked again

"you know your way better than us no doubt...take us anywhere" Robert told him, he looked so grown up, and I instantly realized I didn't know how old he was, but I didn't want to create any awkwardness...I knew he was older as I was seventeen...and I really hoped he wasn't much older.


It was so exciting being with Robert. I had known him less than an hour, and I couldn't explain it, I felt as if I had known him for longer. I could already see the sparks. 




The End

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