Not a people personMature

I knew I was going to suffer later for my good luck now. Finding one car with petrol was one thing, but a second? I tried not to think about it too much and I drove on, following any sign that directed me towards Newcastle. I wasn't exactly ignoring the tarmac ahead but I certainly didn't expect to see a form light up under the glaring headlights.
“Shit!” I yelled as I swerved. I felt something connect and cursed a dozen times under my breath as I jolted the car to a stop. It took way too long for me to undo my damn seatbelt and stumble out of the car. I gave the guy a quick once over to assure myself he was okay, bleeding head but moving. Trying to stand up. I slammed the car door shut and stormed over to him, making him take a step back.
“Are you mental?!”I shout. It takes a few seconds for everything to register before he replies.

“Am I mental? What about you? Watch the road while you drive,” He replied, reaching up a hand to try and stem the blood coming from the cut on his head. I blinked at him once then twice.
“Well I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting to see an idiot walking in the middle of the road,” I replied, gritting my teeth.
“Well I wasn't expecting to see anyone at all,” He said, bringing me crashing back down to earth. After all those weeks of being alone and only coming across aggressive people I'd come across someone who wasn't trying to steal something from me. I let out a long breath to calm down and study him. He had a mess of uncombed brown hair - not that my dirty blond hair was exactly in a brilliant state – and brown eyes that looked red from recently dried tears. I bite down on my crueller instinct to call him a wuss and distracted myself by trying to look at his cut.

“What are you doing?” he asked, as I pushed his hand away.
“Trying to figure out if I need to raid an emergency department,” I muttered as I looked at it. It looked like it had already stopped bleeding on its own and wasn't too serious.
“Can you remember your name?” I asked, turning my attention away from his cut.
“Hugo, Hugo Allans,” he replied.
“Amanda Kinston,” I replied, backing away and giving him his space back. I stood there shifting uncomfortably, waiting for him to say something or walk off, but it looked like he was waiting for me to do something as well.
“Well, nice meeting you, I should probably go-” I began, turning towards my car.
“Wait, shouldn't we stick together?” He asked, his brow furrowing with deep lines. I turned back around, hand resting on the car door handle.
“Why? We're complete strangers,” I replied with my own question. He searched for an answer and I resisted the urge to just get in my car and drive off.

“Because we might be the last two people left and I don't exactly want to stay on my own,” He finally said. I raised an eyebrow and tried to decide if I wanted to keep going it alone like I had been, or if I was prepared to put up with this guy I didn't know.
“Fine, but if you annoy me I'm kicking you out of the car,” I said. He looked like a puppy who'd just been given a bone as he got into the passenger seat next to me. I started up the car and began driving.
“Where are you headed?” he asked.
“Newcastle, and don't ask me lots of questions. That's one way to annoy me,” I said and his mouth snapped shut. I had the feeling he was already regretting his decision to join me.

The End

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