A PlanMature

I glance at the sign as I pass and groan inwardly. I'd been walking and occasionally car jacking for a week and I'd only just reached the next county, Huntingdon. At least I was making some progress. I'd wasted time messing around, not bothering to come up with any kind of plan. The near miss with the gun made me realise I needed one.
I spent a whole night in the ruins of what was once a church thinking. I'd been to a lot of children homes in different parts of the world. But what was in the point in going to any now? I never made friends in any of them. That was when I remembered my file. My dad had always been an unknown. I'd been a baby left in the hospital after my mum had given birth. It was a hospital in Newcastle. So that was my plan.

Get all the way to Newcastle somehow, find the right hospital and look through the files there. It'd certainly be an interesting search. The far too optimistic side of me wonders if maybe I'll meet her halfway. Maybe she had no other person to go to but the daughter she'd abandoned. I shoved the thought aside and continued walking. One foot in front of the other. Eventually I was at a village, the silence of it, like with every place I'd been, was strange.

I was used to the loud sounds of Cambridge city. The silence is horrible. Because it leaves too much space for thinking. Hoping. I find a small shop and raid it, not finding much. Better than nothing I tell myself as I head to a residential street to grab a car.
Once the car came to life I glanced at the gas. Almost a full tank, I have no clue what the cars mileage is, but I feel a little happier as I put the car into gear. I might at least get out of Huntingdon with this thing.

The End

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