Power Failure-Larry ZanzibarMature

The screen in front of me turned black. I took my head phones off my ears, sighed and stared at it for a moment, wondering what went wrong now.

                “Hey George! Check the solars would you! I lost power!” Leaning back in my chair, I waited for his inevitable grumbling complaints. It’s his fault for being an electrical engineer in a flat with the guy who paid his way through college on the winnings from Star Craft tourneys. “George!” I call again; sometimes he can be such a bum! When he still does not answer, I reluctantly haul myself to my feet and grab my bag of Walkers, and then shuffle out to the hall way and look out into the hall. As I open my door a paper falls to the floor.

                “Come on man! I’m the one who kept us in the interwebs this long! Is your job to make sure those panels we bought keep working!” The hall is empty. “Come on George! This isn’t funny! I need    to-“ I stop as I hear the front door creak open. “Och, sae ye hink ye can jist sneak awa' noo, dae ye?” I put on my accent as heavily as possible. Because, when you are angry, and a Scotsman, there are some rules you must follow. Pulling my sleeping pants higher on my waist, and bag of crisps in hand, I walk down the hall to give my mate a stern lecture on keeping the power flowing to my computer.

                I reach the front door and look out, hoping that George didn’t go too far away this time. It seems I am disappointed, as I cannot see him anywhere. Perhaps he heard me and is hiding behind one of those flipped cars, or that pile of…………… I blink slowly and step back inside. I check my house again, and then lean back outside. There is still that pile. I nod. I blink. I decide to start processing the pile of corpses at the end of my street later. I shuffle back to my bedroom. I swallow slowly. At my door I see a note. I pick up the note. I look at the note. After a while, something in my mind tells me some higher thoughts processes may be needed to decipher this note. Part of me really thinks that is a bad idea. Thinking now could be bad. Thinking may remind me about that pile of corpses. Crap. Pile of corpses. That is bad. Like…..really bad. Wait! The note! Maybe this is all some…prank? I read it earnestly this time. It’s crumpled and stained with a whole bunch of things, and looks as if it was written in a hurry.


I tried. I really did. But, we are out of food, andmoreandmore refuges are fleeing truoght the city. For the most part they go away if I shout….but that won’t stat for long once things really go to hell man. I….think I may have seen some guy eating anOther guy outside of TESCO. Things aren’t going well. I have decided to leave. I tried to Rouse you……but honestly not very hard. You’ve your crisps, they should last a while. But when the power or internet go down for good, and they will, and you are forced to face the reality that you just kept geting farther away form….. well, it just sucks man. Im going. I hope you do well…..Im meetung yup with some guys a nd we are gading to loindon. I suggest yo do too. I know you have your Scottish….. whatever, but the last thing the governemtn said was that they Had a plan. Also, you weigh like....a kilo and can Harldy lifyt a twig. Not the pride of Scotland. Again, good luck.


                For a while I looked at the note and thought. I processed all the things I’d seen that morning, and all the stuff I had been ignoring over the past…..year or so. The world had gone to hell. As one eloquent reporter for the Sun had said, “The worst case scenario has taken its course. The Economy crashed, bankrupting the world. Global warming and the lack of resources resulted in WW3, where no country was truly spared the horrors. And worse, there is a mysterious disease spreading in Africa that threatens the rest of the planet. Riots around the globe try to get their governments to stop and fix the problem, but before the Government can react, they collapse.” And to combat this, I had just gone deeper into the web. Hoping to find the answers there. Or at least find solace as the world died around me. That….is no longer an option.

                After a long time of thinking, I decided I really would rather not die. Therefore, I resolve to try my best to live. I must find sufficient sustenance, and shelter. I must leave the city, there is no way I could keep living here. Too many people, not enough stuff. But, even I knew about the hordes of refugees, all starving together, then finding a wee bit of food and spreading it out amongst everyone so no one gets enough. Or, they don’t share it and the group starts murdering each other over it. So…. That is out. I’ll head out on my own. I don’t know where. Not London….not yet at least. I need to live a bit. Besides, everyone must be heading to London. Large groups of people don’t work that well in the apocalypse. Also, I must not become a cannibal. Right.

                With this series of determinations behind me, I started to ransack my house for any supplies I might need. 

The End

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