Global warming on the rise.
Governments corrupt with power.
Countries at war for rescources.
The stock market chashes.
Profits plummet.
The world turns to rubble.
This is the story of several young survivors who have witnessed the U.K.'s version of the end of the world. Over night, in a blink of an instant, their world changes forever. Now all they can do, is fight the inevitable. Death.


"Grow some guts and ask her."

"Are you mental? I've told you, she fancies John."

"Screw John. Lousy old John. If Lindsey fancies a fish like him I bet she'd diffidently be interested in you."

"Hmm," I reply, swirling the strawberry ice cream in my cup. 

"Honestly!" Katie huffs. She's across from me, us together sitting in our regular booth at The Firecracker. "She's not that brain dead a girl. Actually, I kind of don't hate her. I approve of your choice."

"Uh-huh," I answer, now examining the burger joint around me. It has diamond black and white tiles, a ruby red bar with a checkered counter, complete with bar tender and tendies.

I regularly do this, I can't help it. This, looking around and staring at the world. I like to, there's so much to see if you ever give the world enough appreciation. You'll find that it's rich with things to see. And it helps me think. 

"You're not even listening." Katie pouts, folding her arms. She's dressed in all black, like me, and comfortably wearing a sour expression. She's the only person to know me well enough to know my mind tends to wander and deep think. Especially so when I'm bored.

"I am. And it's nice to know you don't despise my crushes for once."

"Then why don't you ask her. How many times do I have to say it! She's literally Miss Perfect for you! I see it your eyes."

"Eh." I say, weighing my options yet again. i'm not convinced.

"Whatever, date the girls you hate and not like. Perfect sense." She surrenders, "Anyway, did you know schools cancelled next week?"

"What?" I snap back to look at her. Whenever an important statement like that is mentioned, I immediately get back on focus to the conversation.

"Uh-huh, saying there isn't enough petrol to run the bus system."

"Really? That's odd. So what will happen."

"I don't know! Guess summer break starts early."

"That won't be that fantastic, though, either." I moan, "Williams going back to the states."

"What on Earth ever for?"

"His parents are worried this situations going to get serious. They want to see the world one last time before it goes."

"That's crazy talk!" Katie scowls! She's a very dismissive person at times.

"I don't know anymore," I sigh.  "Ludwig cancelled Bass lessons two weeks ago. He's going back to Austria. My mums worried too. To be honest, so am I. There's never anything else on the news channels now."

"Hmm, I just hope it doesn't get too bad, like Will's parents might think it will." Katie furoughs her brow. 

"I hope so too." I mutter, stirring my melted ice cream. 

"Well, if it get's too bad, maybe our families can move in with one another."

"Perhaps...that'd be wicked. We could play Chop'en'Drop 3 all day, with school being canceled."

"Yeah, and my dad's got the whole Garage stalked up miles high in case things get too serious for a while. Too serious as in the grocery store isn't an option."

"Yeah, and my mom's got a garden going. Things will be okay."

Katie smiles. This is normal Katie. A smiling, observing, sometimes opinionated outcast, like me. "Yes they will."

I smile back, though the seed of doubt has long been flourishing in my mind. 

"Yes we will. And the stupid Firecracker."

She laughed at that.


The End

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