Inevitable-- Already Gone

Get snuggly
With ugly

Shed a lovely somebody
If an ‘above me’ attitude reveals 
Exactly what tacky pulchritude
Hides inside once it peels

I’d rather elude
‘Too cool crude’
For a gargoyle, dude,
Who’ll gruel out a duel
Spoil and soothe, 
Remain loyal and groove
To the tune of love

Someone who’ll move me,
Sleep in my drool,
introduce me 
To simple truth— 
Show me how loosely 
Life’s leaf is
Like a wobbly baby tooth
In the same mouth that states there’s ‘probably no proof’

Then I’ll understand
I can’t wait a sun dial while
Wasting space— 
My hour glassed sands
Are landing at too fast a pattering pace
To be holding so many different hands

For christ’s sake,
I prefer steak
Over lambs or ham heads, mate
And I’ll be damned
If I don’t demand and receive a full plate

Waist to waist
Cheek to face
In full embrace
Of flaws and grace
But not if it’s wrong
Or too late
I’m already gone
While here 
And I call that idea fate, my dear.

The End

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