We Have Power but We Use Carriages...Interesting


I didn't wantr to break it to Arthur about the piston cylinder just yet.  He seemed so proud of that little machine that I couldn't find it in me to tell him exactly what it would be doing.  It was never to be used.  The CEO of the power company was only looking for a small working model to keep on his desk.  Even if it wasn for a display though, I would admit, Arthur's handiwork was coming along.

As a breeze flew in from under the carriage door, I tightened my scarf and mumbled to myself.  Why on earth was I still using the inferior power of four horses when we had automobiles that had the work of ten?  I shook my head in disbelief at that thought.  Oh well.

After about ten chilling minutes, we reached the power station.  We were supposed to meet the CEO and other executives there and present the little piston for a photo to go in the town paper.  More trivial photoshoots for the local paparazzi; I rolled my eyes at the thought.

The End

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