Industrial Power (title up for changes)

It takes place in the 1800's during the supposed Industrial Steampunk era. Life is flourishing for humankind...until all technology fails. What will happen next?



"Dr. Von Brakstein, could you please hurry up!"

"Ay, ay, I'm coming Mortimer,"  I called as my colleague Dr. Fibrose walked out the door of my home and to our carriage.  The driver held the horses back for me as I tried to organize the parts for the new generator I was working on.

Mortimer paced on the cobblestones of my walkway as I did so.  "My goodness lad, you keep up at that pace, we'll take all day!  Come on, we have to get to the station!"

I fiddled with the tiny cogs, slowly growing irritated with the older Dr. Fibrose's incessant rambling filling the quiet void.  "Honestly Mortimer, give me two seconds!  I'm just placing this last flywheel," I asked strenuously as I held the little copper gear in place.  As I did so, I noticed Dr. Fibrose out of the corner of my eye pull out his pocketwatch and seemingly count the seconds I was taking.  I rolled my eyes and slid the gear into its home.  "Come on then if you're in such a hurry!" I snapped at the older man.

"Well, it's about bloody time," Dr. Fibrose said snapping his pocketwatch shut as I scooped up the little piston cylinder into my arms.  I could tell by his apparent disintrest that Dr. Fibrose was not yet impressed with my skills in the mechanics and industrial trade.  I sighed in fatigue.  I was trying to do my best but I guess as an 'apprentice', I was not yet good enough to relish in my own works and credit.

I stepped out into the cold winter morning and began walking to the carriage while Dr. Fibrose had already moved ahead, having been waiting out there way too long for his own liking.  When I climbed inside and we set off for the power station, Dr. Fibrose placed a gloved hand on my shoulder.  "Arthur, I know you're trying."

"Really?  Because you don't seem to acknowledge that I still am learning."

Dr. Fibrose sighed and seemed to go down memory lane in his mind, trying to emapthize with me for a moment, but it didn't last long.  "You worry too much Arthur.  It'll be fine!"

I looked out the carriage window and held the cylinder close to me.  "I really hope so."

The End

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