V, Mending

     A solid harbinger of all that is reminiscent of each terrible moment of the events preceding this moment breaks free to grind the neurons in my brain. I wake up to find things a bit blurry. The room I am in is an ominous portrayal of what is mostly likely in my future.

     Terribly arranged furniture and a whole lot of hand-me-down clothing is scattered in haphazard positions in carelessly distributed patterns. Through a deliberately barricaded window, I begin to see clearer. A luminescent sign reads, "Alice's";a bar, restaurant. I could only guess- Alice! Alice is the girl I met on the train! Could this building be in any relation to her?

     I attempt to rise and put my jacket on. Though my body is weak, I manage some of my (or perhaps not) clothes on my back. The weather here is less cold than the train ride, but a jacket can't hurt. Without socks, I put my shoes on and make way to the door.

     I stop silently in my tracks. On the other side of the door, I hear talking. This talking is less of that of which I would hear at any restaurant or bar, but that of a somber reluctance to continue, but continued anyway. I gently open the door and slip across the rugged hallway of cement and thick air. Through a beaded curtain, I see lights and a counter. The counter is surrounded by raised chairs. 'A bar' I think to myself. Quietly, I wait for them to begin talking again.

     "Armand, I don't want to talk about it." her voice was assertive and intimidating. "When you come to your senses, get back with us." the strange man stands beside the raised chair and continues, "Don't take too long, we may forget about you."

     Andy stands still. She is almost in tears. I walk through the dark beads and try to comfort her. "Andy, are you okay? Who was that?" I ask. "No one. You shouldn't even be awake." she looks at me intently. "Do you remember what happened?" she asks solemnly. "Yes, but only the worst parts." I respond, winded. She looks down and adjusts her hair behind her ear, "Then you know why I buried her in the swamps south of Gaston Rouge.".

     My heart stopped. "I didn't know that part! Why did you do that?" almost yelling, I walk closer and stand between two chairs. "I couldn't take any of this to the authorities. Sheriff Jackson was already on our trail." she steps back and looks away. Andy's wavy black hair is in her face. "You mean-" she stops me, "Yes. I am not exactly an innocent person.". She looks up, "After Sheriff Jackson stopped the unintended targets, I had to get rid of him." my eyes open wide as I sit in one of the chairs. "I need a drink." my words are shaky and weak. Andy whips up a batch of something strong.

The End

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