1) Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.
2) Become involved in (an activity, typically one that is undesirable or disapproved of).
3) Allow oneself to enjoy a particular pleasure.


"this isn't right" I speak out of huge intakes as he moves on top of me. A light coat of sweat on his face, jet black hair and green eyes look down at my red face." most things aren't" he whispers. I cover my face with my hands as I moan." no don't cover your face, I wanna s

Back then it was different. the cold was never quite cold, and he was never quite as big, he didn't look like one of those sexy guys off tumblr, or have a body that could make even an uptight old fashioned man think dirty.


Back then things were different.they were happy, with no space for doubt.

I was 17, back then. Graduated early so I went into my dream job, writing . dead lines hit me left and right, I was stressed, but none the less ,happy.

Walking to the front door I wait, the heat of my breath cursing out making the cold chill into smoke. I waited fresh snow piling around me. twirling a piece of my stupid blond hair with my fingers .waiting. 10, 20 , 30 minutes till the door opens. The chatter of kids, laughter fills the air, as many spring out of the school. Then I see him. I instantly perk up. He sees me, walking over.Not me, no I grab him throwing my hands around him squeezing him tight.

"you're so cute" i squeeze more. He laughs.

"Don't say that, Uncle Finn" he squirms, making me only tighten my grip even more around his small body.

"uncle" he laughs. Finally letting go I stare down at the small boy with his huge green eyes, the jet black hair making his face seem even paler than it already was , he really was cute. The girls must be all over him... I smile to myself. what will I do when you get older, haha, you won't get a break with all those dick crazed girls..

"what?" he asks. I simply nod my head. 

"No nothing." I say starting to walk, throwing my hood over my hair, and putting my hands in the hoodie pockets. I walk, turning to see he still hasn't moved.

"well come on Marshal, lets go get some hot chocolate" He gives of the biggest grin in the world. god, hes the cutest little thing he runs up to me and i throw my hands over him again.

"ahhh, you're so cute"I grin in delight .he merely groans.

"uncle, not this again."I  chuckle more.


Yeah back then was good, happy. Back then days were tiring and rough.

Back then I was tasked with taking care of my 9 year old nephew, over the winter.But that was fine, because he was so damn cute.

"come on, let's go home, you probably have a ton of homework , and I have another deadline coming up." I wave down the waiter.

"nope, no home work, Can I help you finish the book?" he asks all innocently.I merely stare then smile.

"no love, the stuff I write isn't for little kids, I'm sorry, I can't let you help"

I pat his black hair.smiling down at him. He frowns making another cute face

"I'm not little, and what do you write about."

All I can do is laugh.

"maybe when you're older, you can read one" I chuckle.

"and you are a kid" He slaps my hand.

"So are you" he argues throwing his hands on his little hips. I laugh more.

"you're so cute, come on let's get back". He obeyed even though he was mad. I hugged him as the cold hit us.

"don't worry, soon you'll be older." his face turned red for a second, and then the expression was gone.

I loved our winters together, it was the best part of my year.I looked forward to every november 27th. It was like Christmas early for me.Soon all I knew was two years had past and he was 11. And still the cute little boy as always.His green eyes peering through his too long jet black bangs. His pale complication making him even cuter.It was Christmas eve. He played halo on my bed, seeing as we slept in it, since i forgot to buy him a bed, for when he comes over. I worked on my mess of a book, on the table and we both played hot lava, to avoid stepping on all my shit. I was at my breaking point with the last chapter of the book, deadline past by a week. writing the last word, I finally relax, putting my head on the table. I heard his game subside as he got up and tiptoed over my scaterd pages all over the floor. coming up to me. He threw his arms around me. and i sat up.

"good job uncle Finn" he whispered in my ears. I chuckle spinning on him, catching him in a bear hug.

"you're so damn cute. oh, excuse my french"I muttered , he chuckles.

"no need, I've heard all the cursing."

" haha I bet you have" I relaxed, a little.His hands drove small circles through my hair. as he tugged at it a little. I moaned a little at how good it felt and he chuckled.

"feels good huh?" he whispered in my ear again. where did he learn that? He sits down on my legs as I hug him, running his fingers through my blond mop.

"I love you hair,it's so intoxicating, the way it smells and feels" he whispers and tugs on it more. I groan and let go of him. for real, this isn't good, where did he learn to do that, turn someone on... I move him off me, as he merely looks up at me with those innocent green eyes. so cute I quickly think of something to say.

"hey since it's Christmas eve lets have something sweet to eat, I jumped up running to the my kitchen like a little kid, pulling out the surprise cake I had bought when he was at the library. I got it out setting it on the island. He came in , his face instantly lightening up from the sight of fresh strawberries stacked on icing. We ate, midnight came as he started to doze off.

"go to bed, ill be there soon"

I tell him as I put the dishes away. he yawns and walks .

" ok, don't take to long" he gets up walking into the other room. 

I quickly sprint to the closet taking out the plethora of gifts i had bought and wrapped, putting them under the Christmas tree. and quickly going to our room. I tiptoed around my shit, finally reaching the bed and crawling in. I squirmed and got comfortable next to him. He laughed.

" you act like a kid uncle" i smile down at him.

" you're so cute" i tell him, finally as i doze off. I sleep, with the eerie yet calm feeling of fingers tracing my face and hair.

I wake up Christmas morning early, in order to get to my editors place to give her the book, and a big bouquet of flowers as a sorry for being late present. Its noon by the time I make it back to the apartment. Walking in it's pitch black, other than my room, i find just the tv on and a sleeping Marshall on the couch, holding one of my books. I tense up.

shit I forgot, to put that one away, man he's gonna think of me as a dirty old man. shit...

I pry the book out of his hands. oh great he read the worst one, in my collection.... . I but instead of worrying I find myself fascinated with his hands, they are little but not soft, no but bruised and damaged, like he had been in fights, little scars cover his hands under the wounds. I play with his fingers as he sleeps, then all off a sudden the tighten around my own hands and he pulls my over him. I gape at his strength, he had enough to pull my hands and arms so i was laying on his stomach.

"why are you touching my hands uncle" he gave this little seductive smile. where did this kid learn this shit then I track back to what he was reading. Bingo, that's my answer he looks at me with those green eyes. I chuckle 

"no reason, I just found you asleep with one of my books, so i was going to move you, then i saw your hands... what happened." He smiles.

" I'm a lot more grown up than you give me credit for", i merely stare. what does he mean...? He lets go and i get up off him. My phone vibrates as I take it out.

"who's that?" he asked sleepily. I find myself looking at charlie a girl i'd met at a party last week." Charlie, she just invited me to lunch" i tell the cute little boy. He frowns. 

"here, Isn't she cute" that ticked him off even more, I don't know why he's getting so mad...

"shes not that cute" he says wrapping his arms around my head. I chuckle lifting up and giving him a piggy back ride.

"yes she is" i protest.

" no you're cute uncle" i laugh, running around our apartment, as he squeals in joy.

"no you little runt, you're the cutest thing I've ever seen" i tell him spinning around. He laughs.

The weeks pass, by and every day I find him asleep, with my book in his hand, i Wonder why he is always sleeping. maybe he isn't comfortable sleeping with me... I brush off the though as i see him wake.

"good morning sleepy head." he looks at the clock.

"it's 3:50" he says

"whatever smart Alec." he rolls his eyes, and i can't help but laugh.

" your book, it's good, I like the way you incorporate anger with sex, it makes the book seem more real" he say bluntly, and i blush in embarrassment.

 " i told you you're too young for that stuff" he laughs getting up. " and yet i know all about it" he hugs me.

"you naughty kid."

" you don't know the half of it" he whispers in my ear, then bites it a little. I jump about 8 feet.

"what the..." he's laughing uncontrollably. this kid..

 " don't do that" i say. my face probably as red as a cherry.

"you're so cute uncle" he was wiping a tear from his eyes.

"why you little.." i tell him throwing a pillow.

The day finally came where he had to leave me, i felt like crying, but i was determined to make this day count. but all we did was watch tv.haha.

"hey i'm going to buy some snakes, what do you want." I smile down at the day, as he looks up.

"hmmm. i want you" he tells me.

"ok, you want me to choose, got it" i smile at him, getting up.

" no thats not it" he says, I turn.


he lays back down," i want you" he says bluntly.I frown.he smiles. Brushing it off i head for the store.

Walking back i find my sisters car there, and i frown with disappointment. so much for snacks. walking through the door i see he pulling his stuff through the hallway.she smiles.

" Marshall ,i'll be in the car, don't forget to say goodbye." she calls.

" Hey Finn, thanks so much, he really loves coming, I think he's going to miss you a lot when we move."

wait what...!!!???

"move?" i say very confused.

"uh huh, we are moving to France, didn't he tell you." she asks curiously." no" i put my head down." you'll come visit right ?"

" of course." she smiles, and i lighten up.

" i won't." i hear him from the room. my sister moves going to the car.I walk into my room to find him getting up from tying his shoes.

" what why?" i ask a little desperate. He looks up at me with those devious green eyes.

" because I want to be bigger when you see, me, I want you to treat me as an adult." confusion washes over me.he pulls me down to him, and dose the strangest thing. he kisses me, and i jerk back he only smiles.

" like i said uncle, I want you, and I promise, Ill come back when I'm older and taller, but until then I won't visit." he says finally walking out.

"mar..." the door slams shut.

what just happened?

I end up brushing it off. And as time goes bye i don't see him. the winters pass, and the snow falls, as I go on alone.

The End

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