Be GentleMature

~ Tethys P.O.V. ~

The voluptuous woman who'd suddenly pinned her against the wall, and attacked her body had finally stripped Tethys of her dress, and will to fight. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing with her hands, and mouth. The woman's predator-like eyes had drawn her in, and she'd sunk her claws into her. 

Those eyes were probably what really made her follow after her. That voice, and those two simple words she'd uttered, ' Indulge me. ' Playing over and over in Tethys head like a recording of a favorite song. 

She felt her hands reach up to tug her down by her small limbs. Falling to the floor with a soft thunk on her back. Her legs automatically spread without being forced to.  The woman's tongue trailed along her calf, the back of her knees, thighs, to her inner ones. Reaching her panties, she bit the top of them where a small bow was. Pulling them down her legs with her mouth.

Tethys'  legs closed with embarrassment. The woman before her saw that as an opportunity to lift her glued together legs up over her firey locks. Her tongue traced over the trembling, pink flesh that slowly started to glisten with one think that could only be described as lust. Pushing her tongue into her twitching pink hole.  She began to thrust the small, but long, wet muscle inside of her. Occasionally wriggling it around.

~ Eleisia P.O.V. ~

Eleisia watched the girl infront of her squirm, and cry with excitement as her orgasm approached. Her legs trembling, and eventually spread themselves once more.

Eleisia stood up, and slid her own panties down, and off her legs. Swinging her body around. She climbed on top of the girl. Her smooth, tight, plump meat hole that was also quite wet from teasing this girl. She didn't have to tell her what to do. The girl had already submitted to her. Her own tongue copying the actions Eleisia had just done on her. 

Eleisia's small, warm fingers teased the entrance of her moist body. Pushing them inside the first time the girl bucked her hips. Hot, soft pants escaped Eleisia as her mouth was on her sensitive nub. Kissing, and sucking it roughly as she thrust her fingers in. Reaching so deep they pressing against her hymen.  

Pleasured moans rung through the hallway. Everyone in the foyer oblivious to the erotic seen a few feet away from them. As Eleisia continued to thrust her fingers in roughly, she finally heard the girl say more than one word, " Please.. Be gentle!! " She whimpered, muffling her moans of pleasure and pain into Eleisia's tightening honey pot.

As she heard her say that, Eleisia licked her lips, and stood up once more. Turning around to face the girl, She licked her lips. Both of them tasting their own juices as she pressed her lips softly to hers. Their tongues flicked, and ran along one another's before Eleisia spread her own legs. Beginning to grind her own slit against hers. A soft whine escaping both of them as their clits rubbed together.

~ Tethys P.O.V. ~ 

Tethys watched as the woman before her began to grind her own wet hole against her. Biting down on her lower lip as she seemed much more gentle than before. Not even noticing how her own hips began to wriggle, and squirm underneath her. More moans escaped her as she felt the woman's juices drip down onto her own. 

Watching her pick up speed, and yet. Still be gentle. Feeling her insides start to heat up, and body tremble. She was beginning to feel as though she were going to cum like earlier when she'd been denied it after the woman stuffed her fingers into her virgin hole.  Violating the small piece of flesh that was her innocence with her fingertips.

Suddenly, she thrust her hips one last time as she felt both of their sex's quiver with ecstasy. The woman continuing to grind and wriggle her hips teasingly after quite a few loud, sexy cries that the guests still didn't hear due to the loud music, and their own chats about their dull lives.  Her eyes fell back into her head as she blacked out from this unusual feeling.

~ Eleisia's P.O.V. ~ 

Eleisia was now at home, laying on her bed. Looking at a magazine with her hair now up in a messy bun, in a cream,  silk pajama tank top, and matching shorts. Replaying the events of the night in her head before going to sleep. She went. She had sex. She dressed. But this time. She'd dressed the girl too. And left her laying curled up on a seat in the hallway. Also, she'd taken a souvenir for herself. The girl's ripped panties. They were sitting on her bed side table, going to tell one of the older women who'd been calling out, ' Tethys. ' 

Her eyes drifting over to the ripped lace as she smiled fondly. Asking herself aloud, " Is Tethys really your name~.. ? I suppose I should have asked.. I did get a bit excited.. Ah, well. " She said pushing the thought away, maybe they'd meet again.  Maybe not. And with that, she shoved the magazine off of her bed. Crawled under the fancy silk comforter, plopped her head down on the feather stuffed pillow. And dreamed of her little lesbian frolic. 

The End

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