The MeetingMature

Eleisia stepped out of the sleek limo as her date helped her out. Taking his arm as she did. Her red velvet pumps covered her small, French-manicured toes. Also covering the sides of her feet, and backs of her heels. A thick strap wrapped around her ankles, buttoned together. A big bow at the back of each shoe. Her long, beautiful, pale legs were bared for the world to see. Smooth, and soft-looking. Almost begging to be touched. 

Walking to the door with her date, she handed the doorman her violet coat. A hot blush quickly grew on his cheeks. Her date having a satisfied, almost cocky grin on his face at the man's reaction to what Eleisia was wearing. Her smooth, silky skin was bared. Her velvet red dress came above the middle of her thighs. The back dipping low. Exposing the curves of her back, all the way to the small of it. The halter top dress had a small bow at the back of her neck. The top dipping low in almost a heart-shaped tip. Clinging to her flat stomach, thin waistline, and wide hips. A small, silver locket sat between the beginning of the bridge of her breasts.  Her beauty mark was also visible. Her dress matching the dull red of her plump lips that almost formed a pout. Her long mass of curls were up on the side of her head. Pinned up in an elegant style, a few draping down the side of  her body.

A small, diamond bracelet clung to her wrist. Sparkling in the light as they moved through the room. Everyone seeming to stop what they were doing as they walked into the room, all at once. Everyone seemed to flock around them. Eleisia playing the roll as the charming girlfriend who threw her affections any way the wind blew.

Finally, the crowd had dispersed, and her date had sauntered off with two other women. Sighing as she watched him leave, '  That old man was annoying.. He smelled like piss, and aftershave. ' She thought to herself watching him leave, walking in to opposite direction. Hoping she didn't have to see him for the rest of the night.

Walking past the waves of people she'd already met. Smiling, and waving at them. Still playing the charming date, rolling her eyes as she turned away from each person. Finally making her way to the opposite end of the foyer. Looking about with a blank expression before a man approached her, turning to face him. She stared up into his handsome face, ' Tall, dark, and rapist. ' She thought ignoring him as he started to talk to her, turning her head to look around him. She saw her. Sitting there. Eleisia's name written all over her. The small, cute girl in the silver dress that complimented her curves nicely. Thick, black locks pulled up into an elegant bun as she sat at the table with a few other men she obviously didn't want to be there with. 

As the girl looked her way, Eleisia immediately knew she'd come with one look. Ensuring that she would, Eleisia pushed past the man talking to her. Walking towards the girl, she bent over. Taking the untouched drink from her hands, setting it on the table behind her. Whispering simply with her sexy, French-accented voice, " .. Indulge .. Me. " And with that, her sweet, hot breathe was gone. Already turning around to walk the other way, heading down a hallway. Not looking back at the sitting girl with a blank expression on her face, as well as a pale blush.

~ Tethys P.O.V. ~

Finally, she got up. Heading down the same hall, leaving the puzzled males sitting. When she reached the hall, she'd seen the erotically dress woman who'd spoken to her turn down another hall. Starting to speed walk as fast as she could in heels. Her body had reacted strangely to the woman's simple words. She'd never felt this way about anything before, and she wanted answer about what the hell that just was, ' Maybe she had me confused with someone else... I should go.. Tell her she doesn't.. Know me~. ' Was her excuse for following the sultry stranger. Repeating her reasons to herself over and over so as not to get discouraged as she turned the corner. Her thoughts were suddenly thrown off as she was pressed against the wall. Her dress straps being yanked down, and skirt pulled up. Rouge lips pressed against her own glossy pink ones. 

~ Eleisia's P.O.V. ~

Eleisia's red nails ranked up the girl's pale thighs, Digging into her skin as Eleisia's hands were in the middle of them. Lifting the girl up, pressing her against the wall once again. She continued to furiously kiss her, slowly feeling her legs wrap around her back.  Hands reaching up to tangle in her hair, pulling it roughly from it's neat bun. Her long hair falling messily around her. Small pants, and gasps came from the girl that egged her on. 

Pulling the top of her dress down, Eleisia exposed the girl's breasts. Pulling away from her lips, she moved down to her breasts. Biting on the nipples roughly, she pulled her head back. Watching her arch her back, and moan with pain and pleasure. Her nipples quickly became erect after being played with, and sucked on. As Eleisia slowly dropped the girl who was gasping for breathe, obviously having difficulties standing as she shakily asked, " Wh-... Why~..? " In her sweet voice as Eleisia was dropping to her knees. Her hands hooked under her silky, white panties as a smile grew on her lips. 

Finally answering as she pulled her panties down, " ... Because you looked as if you were begging for it~.. " 

The End

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