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Not for the fainthearted. Eleisia, an escort for the rich and famous has a taste for the finer things in life has difficulty coping with other people she's not sexually involved with. But when she meets the secluded, undoubtedly sexy, apathetic towards life Tethys, will she be able to change her promiscuous ways? Or will Tethys make her become worse? Don't expect too much from a shopaholic whore.

There, Eleisia sat. Staring up at the ceiling of one of the many swanky hotels that all the big wigs went to. Looking over at the three other men and women on both sides of her before she slid off of the bed. Slipping on the clothes she'd worn the night before, she'd grabbed one of her many expensive Betsey Johnson handbags. Going over to the night stand, she took one of the hotels cards, flipping it over. She quickly wrote down her phone number, and the name she gave all of her clients, ' Eisie. ' Writing a few cursive x's and o's below her number.

Dropping the paper, she left the six, knocked out party-goers clinging to each other in a jumbled mess of arms and legs after checking to make sure the six wads of cash were still rolled up in her purse.  Throwing it over her arm, she closed the door behind her. Walking past the rows of monotonous walls, lined with doors to the elevator. The only thing stopping her from being bored to death were the increase, and decrease of numbers on them. Taking the cold, empty, metal box all the way down to the garage.  Walking to her sleek, black Aston Martin Vanquish

Typing in the code to unlock the gate, waving to the buff security guard that sat at the window. Watching him scramble to stand up straighter, a faint blush on his cheeks as she passed. Laughing slightly as she passed. Parking in the normal spot she usually did on the far side of the lot. Turning off the engine. She stepped out of the car, her heels tapping on the concrete rhythmically as she pointed the remote behind her. Locking her doors, she walked to the thick, double doors. Putting one of her shiny, silver keys into the lock. Turning it, she unlocked the door; let it close behind her. She started for the elevator. Waving to the doorman as she passed.

Finally reaching the top floor, which was the penthouse. Walking down the short hallway to the only door there. Unlocking it. She walked in, locking it behind her.  Immediately, she plopped back down on her own canopy bed. Covered with white silk, and black lace sheets and pillows. Falling asleep in a curled up ball. Not liking to sleep with another person in her bed, ever.

When she awoke, it was almost noon. Walking to her shower; shedding her clothes in the process.  Refusing to look in the mirror, she felt.. Sticky. Sticky with sweat, and other body fluids that weren't exactly hers. Turning on the cold water, she stepped in. Letting the water run over her smooth, creamy skin until she felt a bit better. Washing herself  until her natural scent filled the air. Almost like red roses, and honey. An intoxicating mixture of sweetness that could burn your nostrils, make your head dizzy, and not let her haunt your dreams, and thoughts. 

Stepping out, she grabbed the white towel hanging up, wrapping it around her. Finally allowing herself to stare into her cat-like, envy green eyes that were lined with thick rows of voluminous, black lashes. Her eyes being pulled to her thick, wet, dark, maroon curls that cascaded down her slender back.  The multilayered curls reaching down to the thick, fat curves of her ass. Her shapely legs smooth, and dripping with cold water. Her thin towel only reaching the tops of her thighs, barely covered the enormous, pillowy mounds of flesh that were her breasts. A small, heart-shaped beauty mark sat proudly atop her left. A small smile growing on her pale pink lips. Pulling the towel off, she wrapped it around her hair, starting to dry her thick mass of red locks.

Letting the towel fall to the ground after she was satisfied, picking up her 'work' phone. Checking the messages, and offers she'd gotten. Having one missed phone call, she called the number back. Walking over to her vanity table, she picked up her brush. Starting to comb easily through her hair, a man picking up the phone. Immediately beginning to speak as he recognized her number, " Meet me. Barringtons. 2:00 P.M. Don't be late. " And with that, the man had hung up. Leaving Eleisia to wonder who had called, and demanded her presence at such a fancy eatery. Looking back over at her clock, seeing how close it was to two already. She began to dress for her date.

The End

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