individual reader response journal

B) The mother is trying to find any ways possible to save food. She sent jonny to baseball camp so that was more food saved for two weeks. The whole family is fasting with their diet, Th mom says" i can cut down to one meal a day."

C) Miranda and megan have a disscusion about God. Megan says that she is basically starving for Gods forgiveness, but starving yourself is basically suicide and that is not holy. This clashes with my idea of god.

D) The yellowstone volcano is real and its past time for it to errupt and if it does it will have major changes since its a super volcano. In the book it does errupt and ash blocks out the sun. If this were to happen in real life it could be a possibility.

F) Miranda had worries about the volcano and where it affected the people.I care aout family a lot and this addresses the importance i my life. When the volcano made ash drown las vegas that was the only thing Miranda cared about was her grandma.

G) My attention was dragged into the book when it talked about yellowstone. This is because that is an actual problem we have.

H) It shocked me when they described the characters. Because they had changed so much and it was kinda of sad. Miranda was super skinny and the mom was really different. The dad even changed he was thinner and looked older. 

The End

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