Summative Writing

          Kamren Moore

                                                                                                                                  March 23, 2016



In “Life as We Knew It” I relate to the divorced parent struggle that Miranda is in. My parents have just recently finalized their divorce but have been separated for a vast time period. Miranda and I go through the same daily struggles due to that event that has occurred.

 In the beginning the main central conflict is that an asteroid is making contact and hitting the moon. After this select event occurred it created tsunamis across the world, and also appeared to make the moon closer. They adapted to this situation by preparing for the world to end due to strange activity occurring. First, they went and stocked up on the necessary items like food, candles, blankets etc.

  In the novel it was mentioned how Miranda has a form of mocking her friend for being so devoted and passionate about her new found faith in christ. I feel that is wrong, I stand for encouraging people and their beliefs in what is right. Also in the book they are in a stage of panic, I stand for praying and seeking God in time of struggle and disaster, because He’s the only one who can save us, period.

In today’s world there are wars and disasters occurring everywhere. Like the terrorism in Brussels, Belgium. Foreigners are on a rampage. They are doing nothing but destruction. The military are constantly fighting for the U.S. for different reasons all the time. Also everyday we face daily battles as humans, mentally and physically.

My opinions were not challenged but were thought about more frequently throughout the novel. Demanding that some things I disagree and agree on. It challenged my views in addition to making me as an individual put more thought into my opinion.

In the selection it does not necessarily address topics or events that I am passionate about. However the topic of the end of the world interest me. What its going to physically appear as, peoples actions, who will give there life up to christ in the moment? What will the non believers think is happening?

 Compared to previous books we have read as a class, this particular one is not as entertaining. I feel it has lower level diction, uninteresting dialogue, and impossible scientific facts. Throughout the novel it's just a very bland plot line so far, very predictable. My overall reaction is I wish the characters were more relatable and i wish it was more exciting and include more plot twists, events we didn't see coming.

  If this event were to occur in my life I would trust God and pray for the best. I would most likely think it's something that would lead up to the end of the world. So due to this I would attempt to bring as many people to The Lord as possible, I wouldn't want ANYone o go to an eternal hell. So I would be in a midst of people talking and praying.


The End

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